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RFID solutions for car and bike sharing

As a provider of car and bike sharing, you have your finger on the pulse in many cities around the world. To ensure lasting satisfaction among your customers, you need reliable systems – for instance, to identify who is unlocking and using which city bike or cars. An RFID solution will give you valuable tracking data and let you link the system to payment and member administration systems.

Your customers will notice the convenience of RFID: membership, rental, return and payment are secure, uncomplicated and reliable.

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To effectively provide share services for bikes and cars, you need a technical partner you can depend on. The partner must ensure vehicles can be rented quickly and easily, the technology at the rental/return station works, all related software systems are running soundly and that they can respond quickly when it's time to adopt new technologies or changes to the business model.

You can count on ELATEC even for international business, because our devices are multifrequency capable and communicate with more than 60 standards. That reduces complexity and saves money.

How you benefit from RFID with ELATEC for renting bikes and cars


If you are active in the commuter market, your customers can share the same card to rent vehicles that they use for local public transport.


Whether you work with a membership or subscription model or calculate per ride, an RFID solution can be seamlessly integrated in your backend systems for user administration and payment.


Your customers prefer using an app or smartphone to rent bikes and cars. With RFID, the rental and return process is fast, easy, secure and convenient for them.


If you operate in areas where smartphones aren’t allowed or coverage is poor, RFID is the perfect solution because it also works with cards, giving your customers a secure solution that meets their needs.

Full service

ELATEC is always there for you with precise needs analysis and comprehensive support so you get the optimal solution for your requirements; with technical expertise for implementing your individual system landscape, instant and expert responses when you have questions or need advice; and a unique support portfolio in operation. Worldwide. Guaranteed.


ELATEC offers a universal, unique solution package consisting of a product, software and service that works worldwide and gives you maximum flexibility. We’ll work with you to set up everything to meet your current needs. When changes become necessary, the solution is easy to modify. You can do it yourself or let our experts help with service that is fast, secure and often remote, if the infrastructure allows it. Either way, it's trouble free and highly efficient right from the start and in the future.

We quote...

Time-to-Market is getting more and more important for our customers.

The products of ELATEC help to reduce the Time-to-Market of our customers significantly as well as reducing design inrisk for the engineer as well.

Jürgen Schröder

Senior Product Manager NFC Infrastructure, NXP

You have questions. We have answers.

RFID is simple and convenient for bike share operators and riders. It makes it easier for public transit users to add bike sharing to their transportation alternatives. Riders can use the same card they already use for train, bus, streetcar or metro ticketing to also rent a bike. This simple solution promotes adoption of bike sharing among transit riders.

Of course, there are also smartphone-based app solutions for riders who use their mobile devices for transit ticketing. The RFID reader allows users to rent a bike safely and conveniently using a mobile app for rider authentication. ELATEC offers a variety of NFC- and BLE-based mobile ID solutions for Android and iOS devices.

Many people in large and mid-sized cities are looking for alternatives to public transit beyond commuting by individual passenger car. Bike sharing is gaining in popularity because it gives riders more control over their commute while supporting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. This is a phenomenon that can be observed in many countries. Because of this, many cities are working intensively to expand their bike-sharing services. Thanks to COVID-19 and associated fears related to packed public transit options, the trend towards bike sharing as an alternative is gaining even more momentum.

Yes, ELATEC supports the Calypso standard for contactless electronic ticketing to gain access to trains, buses and other means of transport. That enables seamless mobility between public transit and bike sharing applications.


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