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RFID solutions for fleet management

You’ll benefit from RFID for fleet management for vehicles and equipment in several ways: processes, maintenance, safety, cost control, risk minimization and the sense of responsibility it gives your drivers, operators and riders.

These benefits are dependant upon reliable user identification and access control – the prime area of application for RFID.

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Your benefits at a glance

RFID keeps your fleet running just as it should, wether you’re a freight forwarder with commercial vehicles or a transport company with trucks – long distances or short routes.

Driver identification and access control significantly boost the usefulness of telematics for fuel and other fleet management solutions. At the same time, they lower costs, maintenance and administrative expenses.

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Fleet management via RFID is ideal as it significantly boosts the usefulness of telematics for fuel and other fleet management solutions.

How you benefit from RFID solutions from ELATEC for fleet management


You can be certain that the processes are fast and secure. The assignment of driver and vehicle is completely reliable and assures the driver has the necessary training and credentials to operate the vehicle.

Cost savings

You’ll reduce key management costs for vehicles to close to zero. And our remote reader updates will help you avoid expensive downtime and cost-intensive technician hours.


You can constantly monitor whether operating hours and regulations are being observed. Safety and fuel statistics can be produced and analyzed in no time.


You get the most out of your telematics services and benefit from seamless interaction with time, attendance and HR systems.

Full service

ELATEC is always there for you with precise needs analysis and comprehensive support so you get the optimal solution for your requirements; technical expertise for implementing your individual system landscape, instant and expert responses when you have questions or need advice; and a unique support portfolio in operation. Worldwide.


ELATEC offers a universal, unique solution package consisting of a product, software and service that works worldwide and gives you maximum flexibility. We’ll work with you to set up everything to meet your current needs. When changes become necessary, the solution is easy to modify. You can do it yourself or let our experts help with service that is fast, secure and often remote if the infrastructure allows it. Either way, it's trouble free and highly efficient right from the start and in the future.

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The FM Communicator is integrated with the ELATEC Reader.

Nicole Bayer

Operations Manager, Fleet Management Systems Company WLL

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RFID, NFC and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) are currently the most popular access control mechanisms for fleet management on the market. One of the reasons is that they can be easily connected to fleet management systems and logistics applications, so when a person logs onto a vehicle via RFID, the telematics system automatically and reliably checks whether he or she is legitimate as a driver and whether all compliance aspects for vehicle use are currently met (e.g., certifications, rest periods, etc.). If everything fits, the journey can begin; if not, the vehicle does not move a meter.

Our RFID readers are compatible with >60 transponder technologies, including NFC and BLE for mobile access. They are also certified in 110 countries. In short: ELATEC products are universally applicable for fleet management solutions worldwide. So, yes, you can rely on them anywhere.

Our products are available in different versions. Their robustness has been well proven in a wide range of applications, including fleet management for vehicles operating in all kinds of conditions. In terms of water and dust IP ratings, we have achieved the maximum certification of IP-68 with some products, which means that they are protected against permanent immersion in water and are dust-tight.


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