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When Enovates needed to update their charging station infrastructure to meet new AFIR requirements for ad-hoc charging sessions, ELATEC stepped up with a novel and innovative firmware solution—on a very tight timeline. Thanks to the remote update capabilities in the readers, Enovates can provide their customers with a solution that can be rolled out to their installed base with minimal effort and disruption. Now, Enovates and their charging station customers have a fully compliant ad-hoc charging solution that is adaptable to meet changing future needs.

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  • AFIR now requires charging stations with output <50kW to support ad-hoc charging with transparent pricing for users without a subscription
  • Enovates chargers did not have a digital display to enable implementation of dynamic QR codes, the most commonly proposed solution
  • They needed an AFIR-compliant solution that could be rolled out to their installed base of charging wall boxes and stations without requiring costly technician visits


  • ELATEC developed a novel firmware update that enabled the RFID reader to emulate an NFC tag, which opens up a payment webpage on the user’s phone
  • Charging customers simply bring their NFC-enabled smartphone near the reader to open the payment page automatically and see rates and payment instructions
  • The solution can be rolled out via remote update to all installed ELATEC chargers


  • The solution brings Enovates and their charging station customers into compliance with AFIR requirements
  • Remote update capabilities enable a smooth rollout with minimal effort or disruption for Enovates or their customers
  • ELATEC was able to deliver the innovative solution in less than four months to meet the deadline for AFIR compliance

Success story


ELATEC has supplied RFID readers for Enovates since 2018. When the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) passed, Enovates knew they would need to upgrade their charging infrastructure to meet the new requirements. ELATEC was able to deliver a novel firmware solution in less than four months that brought Enovates’ charging systems into compliance with the new regulations.

Steve Vancompernolle, the Product Manager for Enovates, says, “Enovates charging stations are engineered to provide superior charging solutions while ensuring compliance with the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR). By integrating RFID readers, these stations enable secure and efficient user authentication, facilitating ad hoc payment on public chargers as stipulated by AFIR. This ensures that users can access and pay for charging services seamlessly, enhancing convenience and accessibility for all electric vehicle owners.”

Wallbox with ELATEC TWN4 Mini reader

A Fast, Practical Solution to Meet New AFIR Requirements for Charging Stations

AFIR introduced new rules for charging station infrastructure, including chargers with <50kW output. This includes:

  • The ability to support ad-hoc charging sessions for users without a prior subscription 
  • Transparent and readily available pricing information prior to starting the charging session 
  • Enhanced data security measures to protect users’ personal and payment data 

Previously, many changing stations used static QR codes to open a payment page. These static codes no longer met AFIR requirements. Dynamic QR codes, in which a unique QR code is generated for each transaction, have been proposed as one possible solution. However, Enovates wall boxes and charging pillars do not have a digital display, which would be required to generate a dynamic QR code.

ELATEC delivered an alternative solution that worked with their existing infrastructure: an NFC signal generated by the RFID reader (a TWN4 MultiTech HF Mini) that would open a payment webpage on the user’s smartphone. The solution works with all NFC-enabled smartphones and does not require users to download an app or have a prior subscription. Users simply bring their phone into proximity with the reader to open the page, which displays current pricing information and charging and payment instructions. The solution is compliant with AFIR requirements for data security, pricing transparency, and ad-hoc charging access.  

Cars on electric charging stations

An Effortless Rollout with Remote Updates

The solution requires an update to the firmware of installed ELATEC readers. Thanks to the TWN4 readers’ remote update capabilities, the rollout can be completed without visiting individual sites or replacing installed readers. ELATEC automated the entire process to make it simple and seamless for Enovates and their customers.

With the firmware update, Enovates can now offer an AFIR-compliant ad-hoc payment solution using their existing chargers. It is a simple, practical and cost-effective solution that requires minimal time or effort on the part of Enovates or their end customers. Enovates now uses the TWN4 MultiTech HF Mini in all their wall boxes and charging stations. With powerful software and remote update capabilities, it is a future-proof solution that will allow Enovates to continue to adapt as regulations and customer requirements change.

TWN4 MultiTech HF Mini: High Performance in a Compact Size

The TWN4 MultiTech HF Mini is a compact HF multi-technology reader designed for direct integration with the main circuit board. This versatile reader is built for small size, low power consumption, price and flexibility. Includes four user-configurable ports (input/output), beeper support and an integrated high-performance antenna. The reader supports all 13.56 MHz RFID/NFC technologies.

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