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Playing it safe with
time and attendance data How to make your RFID project a success. Guaranteed.

Holistic protection for sensitive personnel data. Know how.

You want to ensure holistic protection for time & attendance data with an RFID solution that is scalable, affordable, and works for everyone involved, including HR, IT and staff. This white paper gives you the necessary overview of data security—from the conceptual framework to the legal requirements.

Find out which aspects need to be considered for sensitive HR applications and how best to proceed. Including details on radio links, hardware and related technologies such as NFC.

For those who want all the details.

In order to make decisions with confidence, expertise and basic knowledge are required. All essential aspects need to be considered—especially when it comes to data security in time & attendance projects. In this whitepaper, you will read in a practical and understandable way what is important and what options you have. Trust our expertise: ELATEC is one of the top 3 suppliers for RFID technology. Worldwide.

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