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TCPConv 2

The main purpose of the TCP converters is to enable RFID authentication and access control for devices that lack a USB port, from older single function printers to industrial robotics.

Important notice: EOL – last order accepted before December 11, 2020!

They can be connected on one end to a Local Area Network (LAN) and on the other end to a RFID reader via USB cable. When the user presents a card to the reader, the information is sent over the network to a local server and depending on the response, a print job can be released or in the example of industrial robotics, operator authorization granted.

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Easily adds RFID identification capabilities on single function printers and other devices over ethernet

Simple installation between TWN3/TWN4 reader and ethernet connected printer

Can act as an ethernet network switch

Product Features

Product Features

Can act as an Ethernet Network Router

Configuration can be saved for later usage on other TCPConv 2s thus saving expensive man hours

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MPS Card Authentication with Printers (using TCPConv 2)

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Configure MPS Systems with TCPConv 2 Software Release
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