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Simplify sign-on for
business systems,
networks and equipment Everything you need to know to choose the right RFID option
for single sign-on and industrial automation.

Single sign-on and industrial automation.Easier with RFID.

Make sure only authorized employees can access business networks and operate sensitive equipment and machinery.

RFID provides fast, secure and reliable sign-on to business systems and human-machine interface (HMI) controllers—without the headache of managing passwords and PINs.

For all those who want to know everything.

Secure single sign-on enables safe industrial automation and keeps sensitive business information protected by granting access to networks and machines only to authorized users.
Instead of signing into each piece of equipment or business system individually, users can access everything they need with one sign-on. RFID is easier to manage and more secure than traditional password- or PIN-based SSO solutions. See how encrypted RFID improves safety and security, streamlines access for employees, and reduces the management burden for IT.

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