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Kiosk management and
security should be easy.
We can help. RFID and smartphone credentialing for kiosk access provides security, flexibility and convenience. Rely on future-proof technology with powerful software and hardware for an optimal kiosk solution that is easy for both consumers and kiosk managers.

Learn about RFID for kiosks.

Make better decisions.

Do you have a kiosk system that requires fast, reliable transactional information for crowd control, entrance management, vending or dispensing?

Do you need a single solution for all RFID (HF/LF) and BLE applications, including mobile credentials? Do you have a kiosk system that has been expanded over the years with add-on systems and technologies? Then you should take a look at our guide. It will help you find a kiosk user authentication system that reduces complexity, streamlines operations and adds convenience and security for end-users. Step by step, you’ll learn which criteria are important when selecting an RFID reader for kiosk systems. From transponder technologies, configurations and customizing to data security, certification and compliance.

Take the first step now.Deepen your knowledge. Get off to a successful start.

Our guidebook shows the benefits of RFID for kiosk systems in a concise and easy-to-understand way. With this knowledge, you can decide which direction to take to simplify access to kiosk services for end-users and streamline operations for kiosk managers.

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Our explanatory video provides a good overview.It’s not just for beginners. Have fun watching!


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