Universal RFID Readers For User Authentication and access control

Easy to use, secure and cost effective: Give authorized users instant access to the informa­tion, equipment or products they need with RFID solutions.

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Open up a whole new world of access control

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is an effective, secure and convenient solution for user identification and access control. It protects your confidential infor­mation and valuable assets while optimizing your processes – maximizing the satisfaction of your em­ployees and customers. Employees can use the same card they already use to get in the door to release confidential print jobs, open access-controlled storage areas, operate product or part vending machines, and even unlock and start vehicles or warehouse equipment. For consumers, RFID is also an easy and cost-effective option for applications such as car sharing platforms or public transportation ticketing – really any application where user identification is critical.

ELATEC is a worldwide leaderin the design and manufacture of RFID readers for user authentication in access control and authorization applications.


Compatible with more than 60 transponder technologies


Runs on LF and HF and with NFC and BLE


Certified in as many as 110 countries


Remotely configurable and updatable


Partnerships with specialized providers such as HID Global, LEGIC and NXP

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