RFID on the move A guide to user autehtication and access control for the bike sharing economy

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is an effective, secure and convenient solution for user identification and access control.

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Bike and Scooter Sharing

RFID provides a reliable way to identify who is using the bikes and ensure that only riders who have paid for the privilege are able to operate them. For bike and scooter sharing, user authentication and access control systems can:

Ensure that only authorized riders/subscribers can unlock and use the bikes and scooters

Enable tracking of ridership and usage data

Connect to payment and subscription systems

But RFID implementation has its challenges.

While RFID is a practical solution for most user authentication and access control applications, implementing RFID is not without challenges. There are many different RFID reader technologies on the market, but they do not all provide the same capabilities. Cities and companies wishing to integrate RFID reader technology into their bike share solutions need to understand the differences and select a reader technology that will maximize their market opportunities. In particular, they should ask:

  • Will the reader work with the card or smartphone technologies potential riders are using?
  • Does the reader support the functionality and security requirements needed by my application?
  • How easily can the reader be reconfigured or updated as requirements and market conditions change?


This guide provides the information you need to know to properly evaluate and make the right choice for your product or organization.

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