User authentication
and access control
in healthcare IT A guide to use and selection

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is an effective, secure and convenient solution for user identification and access control. It protects confidential information and valuable assets while optimizing IT processes and staff workflow.

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Optimized Healthcare IT

Authorized staff can use the same ID card they already use to get in the door to access patient medical records, release confidential print jobs, operate medical technology, record time and attendance, and even track removal of high-value- or controlled-substances from smart cabinets—really, any application where user identification is critical.

But RFID implementation has its challenges

OEMs and hospitals and health networks wishing to integrate RFID reader technology into their healthcare ecosystems need to understand the differences in reader technology and select the one that will maximize their market opportunity.

  • Will the reader work with the varied card technologies being used?
  • Does the reader support the functionality and security requirements needed?
  • How easily can the reader be reconfigured or updated if requirements or market conditions change?

This guide provides the information you need to know to properly evaluate and make the right choice for your product or organization.

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