Security in RFID A guide to security considerations for RFID applications

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is one of the fastest-growing solutions for user authentication, access control and rapid identification of people and products. How do you ensure that your RFID system is secure? This guide gives you the information you need to understand security concepts and evaluate options for secure RFID and Near-Field Communication (NFC) applications.

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Security assessment for RFID and NFC

RFID and NFC technologies can be compromised through:

  • Interception of data from the radio link (spying)
  • Interference with radio signals to prevent cards from being read (blocking)
  • Counterfeiting RFID media to create clones that allow access to protected areas, equipment or data (compromising)
  • Interception of data from the radio link or capturing data between the RFID reader and connected systems (spying)

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  • How RFID and NFC technologies can be intercepted, blocked or compromised
  • Legal considerations for RFID security in the global market
  • How to set protection objectives based on confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and non-repudiation of data
  • Technical solutions for RFID security, the approach to implement end-to-end protection and how to provide sufficient security for both, online and offline systems

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