Technology Partners

Elatec is a proud member of the NFC Forum. Near Field Communication (NFC) is a new emerging global standard that allows a smartphone to communicate with an RFID reader. The following readers from Elatec are NFC-enabled:

>> TWN4 MultiTech or TWN4 MultiTech LEGIC
>> TWN4 MultiTech HF Mini or Mini Reader MIFARE NFC

They are designed not only to read NFC tags but are also able to bidirectionally communicate with a smartphone to both send and receive information.

>> TWN4 NFC Demonstration Video

Elatec is proud to be a partner company of HID. This allows customers to have access to our products integrated with HID technology.

These are our available products specially adapted for HID technology:

>> TWN3 HID Prox as OEM PCB or Desktop
>> TWN4 MultiTech or TWN4 MultiTech LEGIC (Version P/PI) as OEM PCB or desktop
>> TWN4 MultiTech Core (Version P/PI) or TWN4 MultiTech Core LEGIC 42/45 (Version P)

Elatec's "Version P" readers have the ability to read the Unique ID (UID) from HID Prox or iClass cards. The "Version PI" readers have the added ability to read the Physical Access Code (PAC) of iClass transponders as well as the UID.

Elatec has been an official LEGIC partner for many years. This enables our customers to have access to this superb technology without the need to become a LEGIC licensee.

These are our available products specially adapted for LEGIC technology:

>> TWN3 LEGIC Classic as OEM PCB or Desktop
>> TWN3 LEGIC NFC as OEM PCB or Desktop
>> TWN4 MultiTech LEGIC 42/45 as OEM PCB or Desktop
>> TWN4 MultiTech LEGIC Core 42/45 as Module

The RFID readers from Elatec RFID Systems combines 125kHz, 134.2kHz and 13.56MHz technologies for the first time in one device. Based on SM-4500M-chips, it offers full advant and MIFARE interoperability in addition to the cash and initialization function. This makes it possible for solution suppliers to migrate RFID systems and therefore do not have to depend on the defined transponder technology. Old and new IDs can thus be used in parallel in identification or authorization applications. The TWN4 MultiTech LEGIC 45 is also available as a core module with an external antenna.

Elatec RFID Systems together with Calypso Networks Association has integrated the Calypso technology and for the last 10 years has succeeded in creating the smartcard contactless technology adapted for public transportation uses.

Elatec is a proud member of the Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility AIM.

AIM is the leading industry association and worldwide authority for automatic identification & data capture (AIDC) innovation and technologies, serving members around the globe as a trusted resource for more than 40 years.

Elatec is a proud member of the SIA (Security Industry Association).

SIA is a nonprofit international trade association of electronic physical security product manufacturers, integrators, distributors, suppliers/service providers, and dealers. SIA’s mission is to be a catalyst for growth within the global security industry through insight, influence and information. SIA’s vision is to be the primary resource for the global security industry.


We are always looking to build our Partner Network.

Technology / Integrator partners: This type of partner consists of companies that use OEM or that can integrate our products into their own.

Distributors: This type of partner carries our products driving demand through their own distribution channels.
Dealer / Re-sellers: This type of partner has access to our products to create an end-to-end solution.

If you would like to become a partner simply send an e-mail to Klaus Nagel,