TWN4 MultiTech HF Mini Reader (with integrated antenna)

Elatec’s TWN4 MultiTech HF Mini Reader (30x33mm) is a mechanically and electrically drop in replacement of the TWN4 MultiTech Mini Reader. It designed for direct integration into displays, machines, handheld computers or any other device. The focus has especially been set on size, performance and flexibility. The product is based on the powerful TWN4 firmware.

Frequency: 13.56MHz plus full NFC

Supported Transponders: Nearly all transponders within ISO14443A&B, ISO15693, and ISO18092/NFC (including NFC Forum Tags types 1-4 and Peer-to-Peer communication)

Interface: Serial CMOS/TTL

>> Technical Data Sheet

>> Development Kit Mini Reader

>> Overview List "supported transponders"

>> User Manual & Configuration Tool (DevPack)