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RFID solutions for Single Sign-on at PCs

Do you use passwords or PINs to secure access to systems and devices? Not ideal: many employees have to sign in or out of several devices each day. An automatic single sign-on or SSO via RFID would be the ideal solution. It is easy to set up, and authentication works quickly and flawlessly to provide credentials.

It also enables the most efficient use of devices – a huge advantage, especially in call centers and companies handling sensitive identity data, such as in the medical industry.

Discover why ELATEC delivers the optimal solution

Your benefits from an automatic sign-on solution

A simple and secure RFID sign-on solution, SSO, is a real win for user identity authentication, particularly in complex business environments. This is especially true when employees work with different application and access systems – for instance, when they use not only the PC at their own workstation,  also on other shared computers in common areas.

The reader is easy to install in or affix to all PCs. Hold the ID card up to it or swipe it through – and you're in.

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Single Sign-On makes shared workspaces, labs, offices and also homeoffice a smart place to work.

How you benefit from single sign-on with RFID solution packages from ELATEC


Each user or employee is automatically signed in to all systems and applications for which their credentials are authorized – down to the file level. And access is denied to all other areas (e.g., to sensitive background information.) Guaranteed.


Your workers won’t have to remember countless passwords. Most of the time, they'll use credentials stored on their company ID to sign on once for identity authentication on all programs and applications they are authorized to use.


You can see in real-time which user or employee is signed on to which service or device. You’ll be able to keep track of usage volume and have an easier time with administrative tasks.


SSO, or single sign-on, saves your users and employees a great deal of time so they can be more productive. Your company will also benefit from having all credentials, services and user authentication provided on just one card.

Full service

ELATEC is always there for you with precise needs analysis and comprehensive support so you get the optimal solution for your requirements; technical expertise for implementing your individual system landscape. With quick, competent responses when you have questions or need advice; and a unique support portfolio in operation. Worldwide. Guaranteed.


ELATEC offers a universal, unique solution package consisting of a product, software and service that works worldwide and gives you maximum flexibility. We’ll work with you to set up everything to meet your current needs. When changes become necessary, the solution is easy to modify. You can do it yourself or let our experts help with service that is fast, secure and often remote, if the infrastructure allows it. Either way, it's trouble free and highly efficient right from the start and in the future.

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With ELATEC there is a reliable Made-in-Germany player on the market.

ELATEC drives the exchange from insecure transponder technologies to secure solutions within only a swipe of a card.

Jonas Lenz

CEO, idVation GmbH

You have questions. We have answers.

You can set the UID for RFID cards or smartphones as a Windows password or Windows PIN for use in single sign-on applications. For smartphones, simply use our ELATEC Mobile Badge App. When a card or smartphone is held to the reader, the UID is recognized contactlessly and the user is authenticated.

An active connection to the computer is required for sign-on using a card or smartphone.

You can set up single sign-on both with and without PKI on ELATEC readers. ELATEC supports you with third-party software to find the best single sign-on solution for your individual needs. For the PKI version, we recommend IDvation Java Cards, which can be added to the Atos Evidian Software Solution. For the version without PKI, we help with the ISLogon solution (ISlog Society), which works both standalone and as a server version.

To ensure secure communication between the reader and computer for single sign-on applications, you will need software from the appropriate third-party provider. We will send you a UID that is integrated into a low-level command line.


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