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Flexibility for modern working models.

Working habits are changing; the classic office is increasingly being replaced by mobile working (a trend that is reinforced by COVID). The conventional recording of working hours—which starts, for example, when a person enters the building—only works to a limited extent. At the same time, companies depend on knowing when their personnel are at work and when they are not—whether in the home office, in the shared office, at their booked desk in their own company or elsewhere. This information is particularly important for personnel and project planning, but it must not fall into unauthorized hands and must therefore be comprehensively protected, just like all personal data. Just like employers, employees also need an overview of their attendances and absences, especially in the home office, in order to comply with legal regulations regarding rest and break times. As flexible as today's working habits are, it must also be possible to map attendance and working hours.

No matter where your employees spend their working day, with a flexible authentication solution based on radio frequency identification (RFID) or mobile technologies such as near field communication (NFC) or Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), you can master the challenges of new work models. It provides you with seamless documentation of attendances and absences. Thus, a card or smartphone is sufficient to enable reliable and convenient time recording at any time. At the beginning and end of working hours, simply present the employee ID card (or, alternatively, the smartphone) to the reader on the PC or laptop. Done!

Time recording for all work situations.

Will your employees be sitting at a different desk in the office tomorrow than they are today? Or work from a mobile workstation? Transparent and seamless time recording is still possible without any problems!

Learn how you can keep track of your time with contactless time recording, even when working on the move!


A good choice in any situation.

A time recording system from ELATEC based on RFID cards and mobile authentication solutions on the smartphone is ideally suited to meet the requirements of the new working world. Because it creates transparency, is convenient to use and manage—and, above all, can be used flexibly regardless of location. This means that employees can always log on and off conveniently in any work environment, from home office to production, and even reserve workstations or meeting rooms. And best of all, you always keep an overview.

Your time and attendance will benefit from a universal, unique solution package of product, software and service that works worldwide and gives you maximum flexibility. Together, we set up everything to meet your current needs. If changes are made, the solution can be easily adapted at any time. Either on your own or by our experts. Quickly, securely and often even remotely. In any case, always smoothly. And very efficiently. Right from the start. And in the future.

Speaking of service: ELATEC is always there for you. With conscientious needs analysis and holistic consulting, so that you get the optimal solution for time and attendance that meets your requirements. With technical expertise during implementation in your individual system landscape. With lightning-fast, competent response when you have questions and need advice. And with a unique support portfolio during operation. Worldwide. That's a promise.

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Modern time recording ensures an overview.

You need a time and attendance system that works as simply and conveniently as possible for the company and its workforce while guaranteeing data security? No problem—with a customized solution from ELATEC. Your employees benefit from secure and convenient logon and logoff. They record their working and break times conveniently and regardless of location, by holding up either their employee ID card or smartphone at the reader, as required. In combination with a single sign-on solution, employees also gain access to all systems and documents for which they have authorization. Thanks to modern authentication technology, you also reduce the administrative effort, because the relevant data is immediately and exclusively available to the departments and persons who are authorized for it. You determine the type of documentation and evaluation. On this basis, you have all the information on working times that you need for your personnel planning. And all this with a consistently high level of security: RFID cards or credentials on smartphones are more difficult to forge, duplicate or hack than conventional solutions. The capture of all data runs reliably, in real time, and with maximum security for everyone involved. You and your employees can rest assured that unauthorized persons will not gain access to sensitive data.

Which technology is best for my organization?

You are about to implement a uniform overall solution for time recording and are wondering which technologies you should rely on? No problem! Universal readers from ELATEC are able to read RFID as well as BLE and NFC signals and thus offer maximum flexibility. This means that both cards and smartphones can be used as identification media, even in parallel. You can adapt the decision to the requirements of your company and your employees—and simply change it if necessary. Your needs. Your customized solution.

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