A Universal Reader for Industrial Vending OEM Simplification of Inventory Management

When an industrial vending machine manufacturer wanted to simplify inventory management for user authentication, they turned to ELATEC’s universal readers.

The TWN4 MultiTech 2 supports 60+ card technologies plus smartphone credentialing systems, so they can serve customers around the globe with one universal solution.

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  • The reader needed to support a global customer base with more than 60 different transponder technologies.
  • They wanted a universal solution to reduce supply chain complexity, inventory costs, waste and inefficiency.
  • It needed to be cost-competitive with their current solutions and easy to implement in their vending machines.


  • The ELATEC TWN4 MultiTech 2 supports 60+ transponder technologies, including LF and HF RFID card technologies and BLE- or NFC-based smartphone credentialing.
  • The reader is certified for sale and use in 110+ countries worldwide.
  • ELATEC implemented a “safety stock” inventory replenishment program to solve inventory replacement concerns.


  • They reduced their inventory requirements from 60+ part numbers from different manufacturers to just 3 part numbers from ELATEC (including HID Prox, HID iClass and SEOS variants of the TWN4 MultiTech 2).
  • They have reduced inventory management problems, improved financial accountability, and enhanced product performance.

Success story

An industrial vending machine OEM wanted to simplify inventory management by switching to a universal reader that could support both high- and low-frequency RFID as well as smartphone credentialling using BLE or NFC.

The TWN4 MultiTech 2 helped them go from 60+ individual reader part numbers to just three variants to support customers across the globe.

Easy Access to Industrial Parts and Consumables

Industrial vending machines help companies reduce waste and theft, improve accountability and ensure that only qualified and authorized users can access parts and supplies.

They are increasingly used to provide point-of-use access to parts, consumables and safety supplies for maintenance, repair and operations in industrial environments. They are also used to limit access to valuable or potentially dangerous items, from welding supplies to medical devices. RFID readers allow users to quickly authenticate themselves for access to needed supplies while providing a transparent record of who has accessed the machine and what they used.

Eliminating Inventory Headaches

An ideal user authentication solution for industrial vending allows users to leverage the same ID badge or smartphone credentialing system used for building access and other work functions. With so many different transponder technologies in use around the globe, it can be challenging to stock all of the different readers required and ensure that the right reader goes to the right customer.

With the TWN4 MultiTech 2, they were able to go from maintaining an inventory of 60+ different readers to just three part numbers (including the HID Prox, HID iClass and SEOS variants of the TWN4 MultiTech 2). As a result, they have improved financial accountability as well as product performance.

TWN4 MultiTech 2: One Reader for Everyone

The universal TWN4 MultiTech 2 reader from ELATEC supports more than 60 LF and HF RFID technologies plus smartphone credentialing systems using BLE or NFC.
Plus, it is certified for sale and use in up to 110 countries globally. That means a single reader can support practically anyone, anywhere.

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