Flexible user authentication
via RFID at electric charging points

To enable RFID cards already in use in the public transport system to be used at charging stations, the versatile RFID reader/writer TWN4 MultiTech from ELATEC has been installed as access control.

The perfect RFID solution for you!


  • The reader/writer has to support RFID technology with the VDV-KA protocol.
  • The reader must be easy to configure and accept remote updates in order to minimize maintenance costs and ensure worldwide use.


  • ELATEC TWN4 MultiTech reads more than 60 card technologies, including VDV- KA.
  • Thanks to remote configuration, updates can be conveniently installed without on-site technician assistance.


  • The existing RFID cards with VDV-KA protocol enable trouble-free user authentication.
  • The multi-frequency capability of the TWN4 MultiTech means that authentication can also be expanded to include cards with other RFID protocols in the future.
  • EBG compleo now offers its charging points with RFID authentication throughout the world.

Success story

The RFID cards with VDV-KA protocol already used in the public transport system can also be used at the “be emobil” electric charging points.

The German company EBG compleo develops electric vehicle charging points that are sold worldwide. In order to win the contract for the “be emobil” charging points project for the city of Berlin, EBG compleo developed a solution that uses RFID to provide contactless access control at charging points. The key requirement of the project was: The RFID technology with VDV-KA protocol already used in the public transport system will continue to be used for user authentication at the electric charging points.

Successful outcomes with comprehensive RFID expertise and high-quality products from ELATEC

Until now, EBG compleo had no experience whatsoever in the RFID segment and therefore relied fully on the combined expertise of ELATEC. Our comprehensive know-how, high-performance, and reliable products and outstanding support played a key role in the success of the project. We recommended our TWN4 MultiTech as the most suitable RFID reader/writer for the application. The multifunctional RFID reader supports more than 60 RFID technologies, including the required VDV-KA protocol. The TWN4 MultiTech was installed directly in the charging points to ensure optimal integration.

A future-proof authentication solution for the international market as well

Thanks to the extremely versatile TWN4 MultiTech, EBG could and can provide charging points solutions with future-proof authentication technology – and not just for the city of Berlin, but for international users as well. The reader recognizes and reads all standard RFID systems worldwide. It also features remote configuration and can be quickly and easily updated and configured from a distance. A critical advantage, especially for manufacturers who sell their products around the world. This also won over Dag Hagby, CEO of the EBG group: “The flexibility of the multi-frequency reader from ELATEC allows us to respond globally to the requirements from a wide range of RFID protocols in cities and municipalities.” EBG compleo has since opted for RFID readers/writers from ELATEC for authentication on a consistent basis.

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