Customization considerations
for embedded system
RFID readers

With increasing security and public health concerns, contactless credentials are gaining more and more importance.

Contactless credentials can be divided into two main categories: soft credentials that include mobile phone applications that tap into their BLE/NFC hardware and transmit the data, and hard credentials that typically include low frequency (125 kHz) and high frequency (13.56MHz) based passive RFID transponders. With the help of these credentials, organizations can tackle safety concerns related to other common user authentication and access control solutions such as biometric, password/PIN and magstripe.

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Today, RFID readers can be found in numerous devices requiring user authentication, authorization and access control, from doors to multifunction printers to point of sale terminals to computers and more.

As OEMs and system integrators increasingly consider adding a security aspect to their product, choosing an appropriate RFID reader becomes that much more important. One of the main goals of an OEM or a system integrator should be to select a reader that is “future proof” or built to sustain the  advancement or shift in the market from a technical standpoint.

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