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TWN4 Palon Square M RFID reader delivers best performance for integrated access control

Munich (Germany), January 28, 2021 - Elatec is pleased to present the TWN4 Palon Square M RFID reader. The new multi-frequency and multi-standard RFID module measures 73 × 73 mm, making it particularly well suited for integration into access control and time and attendance solutions as well as industrial applications.

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TWN4 Palon Square M is a multi-technology radiofrequency identification (RFID) reader that supports more than 60 contactless 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz standards, including Near-field Communication (NFC) for mobile devices. The product's unique feature is its 73×73 mm form factor. This accommodates customers who choose a square shape for their housing in the standard dimension for EU socket outlets for on-wall installation. In addition, the single-sided assembly of the board allows the antenna to be positioned much closer to the surface of a product housing than with other designs. This significantly increases performance in industrial solutions. The module can be used for a wide variety of applications, as it has RS-485, Wiegand and USB interfaces. TWN4 Palon Square M offers a Secure Access Module (SAM) socket and an integrated flash memory for storing user-accessible, non-volatile data.


The Elatec module allows the customer to choose the transponder standard and comes with a comprehensive SDK (software development kit). Firmware updates can be made easily and quickly in the field via configuration cards or from a centralized system via a remote configuration protocol. This opens up completely new application possibilities for system integrators and partners in their access control solutions.


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