Elatec readers help
prevent unauthorized
ev-charging VDE Regulation AR 2532-100

Munich, February 2022 –  When charging electric vehicles, the multi-frequency readers of the TWN4 product family from Elatec allow convenient and secure authentication. The powerful readers can now also be used to implement the AR 2532-100 regulation issued by the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE). This standard is intended to prevent so-called "black charging" at publicly accessible charging stations in Germany and to make payment transactions more secure.

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Reliable authentication solutions are essential to prevent data misuse and manipulation when using the public charging infrastructure. Against this background, AR 2532-100 of the VDE came into force in July 2021. The regulation defines new minimum requirements for a trustworthy, secure and interoperable solution for authorization at charging points for the applications "remote via backend system" as well as "RFID transponder". This is intended to prevent damage caused by manipulated RFID identification media and the resulting illegal charging processes.

A central component in the realization of charging stations that comply with AR 2532-100 is the integrated reader: it must meet the international standard ISO/IEC 14443-4. As a specialist in authentication solutions for the mobility industry, Elatec GmbH offers its customers readers that are perfectly suited for implementing the directive. The readers of the TWN4 product family can read the 14443 commands from the RFID transponder according to the AR and pass them on to downstream host systems of the charging station. Elatec is thus once again demonstrating its pioneering role in the EV charging market. With its readers, it makes an important contribution to the security of the overall system and helps to effectively protect charging station operators from misuse of their infrastructure.

TWN4: Universal readers for the mobility industry

The readers in the TWN4 product family ensure a high level of security for authentication while offering maximum flexibility. They not only support all common international RFID technologies in the high- and low-frequency range, but also enable the use of digital access authorizations, also called mobile credentials. Beyond user authentication of charging processes, they are also used for reliable driver authentication in bike- or car-sharing or in fleet management.

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