New Management 2020 Changes Lay Groundwork for Continued RFID Innovation and Global Growth

Puchheim, Germany (November 24, 2020) ELATEC, a global leader in RFID technologies for user authentication and access control, is preparing for future international growth with new management and a new corporate structure. Changes in 2020, including the addition of new competencies and expertise and the acquisition of physical access specialist Xccelo GmBH, will prepare the company for continued innovation and expansion into new markets and industry sectors.

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2020 has been a year of many changes for ELATEC, starting at the very top. This summer, the company welcomed a new CEO, Robert Helgerth, and a new CFO, Gerhard Burits. Under their leadership, ELATEC will continue to focus on technology innovation, new digital solutions and development of stable partnerships with other industry leaders. Mr. Helgerth says, “Our focus is on developing and acquiring the talent, expertise and partnerships we need to continue to lead the way in innovation for user authentication and access control across all industries. We are developing future-proof solutions that give our industry partners and their end users flexibility and security for current and future projects, no matter where in the world they are located.”

The past year has also ushered in other changes for the company.

  • At the beginning of the year, ELATEC acquired Xccelo GmBH to expand their physical access expertise and product offerings. In the course of the integration, Xccelo will be transformed into ELATEC Systems GmbH. Dietmar Zappel will take the role of Global Innovation Lead for the physical access product portfolio within the ELATEC Group.
  • The IT team has been restructured under the management of Head of IT Services & Processes Thomas Graf, with a renewed focus on digitization. In addition to developing new digital product solutions, the IT team now offers more digital and virtual options for services, support and learning. Over the last few months, ELATEC has organized a number of online virtual events for customers as well as internal web-workshops and digital sales meetings. This approach expands ELATEC’s ability to serve customers around the globe and in remote locations.
  • ELATEC continues to expand its international footprint with a special emphasis on Asian markets. As part of this initiative, the company welcomed Kazuki Yasui as the new Strategic Alliance Manager in Japan. Adding local experts who understand regional market conditions and needs will allow ELATEC to provide rapid, localized support and more targeted solutions for international customers.
  • In the Americas, ELATEC Inc. moved into their new headquarters and completed construction on a second production facility, which started operations in November. Adding production capacity will enable ELATEC’s U.S. subsidiary to expedite production of orders and ensure a stable supply chain for customers in the Americas as demand increases.
  • Over the last year, ELATEC has expanded its portfolio of RFID solutions. This includes software and services as well as state-of-the-art RFID readers and associated hardware. In 2020, the company strengthened its software division, expanding their contactless mobile authentication options and introducing new software innovations. ELATEC also welcomed a new Global Head of Development, Eddy van den Broek, who brings additional expertise and competencies to the development team. He will continue to lead the team in development of innovative and future-proof software and hardware solutions that will allow them to meet emerging opportunities in the years to come.

2020 was a particularly challenging year for nearly every market sector worldwide. The pandemic, along with other global and regional disruptions, required companies across all industries to respond with creativity and perseverance. Thanks to ELATEC’s focus on flexibility and innovation, and the tireless commitment of its employees, the company has weathered this unprecedented year exceptionally well. ELATEC has managed to keep their workforce stable and even added new talent and expertise, strengthening the sales and product management departments. Most importantly, they have continued to serve their customers with minimal disruption. The company has broken new ground in communication and service to identify customer needs, provide expert advice and consultation, and design solutions that will meet their requirements for today and tomorrow. Even amidst the pandemic, many projects were continued and successfully implemented this year. The management team at ELATEC extends a large “thank you” to the dedicated team members who have made this possible and to their clients and industry partners. 

ELATEC’s continued growth during challenging times demonstrates that they are a partner who is both future-proof and crisis-proof. Moving forward, they will continue to develop flexible and innovative solutions to meet their customers’ evolving needs. Mr. Helgerth says, “I believe we have shown ourselves to be a strong, stable and trusted service partner who is there when it counts.”

Moving into 2021, the company plans to expand its focus on the access control sector with new RFID and mobile solutions that improve security and provide greater functionality and control for administrators. Mr. Helgerth says, “We are looking forward to the coming year with great expectations and are bullish about the outlook for our company and the industry as a whole in 2021. We will continue to focus on understanding customer needs and building our organization to better fulfill those needs.”

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