It takes openness in this dynamic market Interview by Smarthouse Pro

Elatec, a provider of hardware- and software-based authentication solutions, sees demand for security products in a growing number of markets—for example, in the area of charging infrastructure for electromobility. In an interview with Smarthouse Pro, Michel van der Meijden and Torunn Siegler explain which partnerships are important for the company in this area, what companies need to look out for in such a dynamic market, and how demand is currently developing.

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Which markets does Elatec focus on in the e-mobility area?
Torunn Siegler: We are interested and involved in both public and private charging stations with our authentication solutions because the requirements are different in detail, but on the whole, they are identical as far as security is concerned. The important thing is that the solution works across applications. Access to the charging station should be enabled with the same application as access to the building. The various access applications—garage, charging station, building entrance, even printer—should all be able to be authorized with one app.

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