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The security of people and data must always come first, especially in hospitals, despite time pressures. A modern system that regulates user authentication and access to sensitive areas—as well as access to medicines, medical equipment and information requiring protection—can significantly improve the level of security. But that's not all: it can also simplify processes, speed them up and make them more transparent. This increases efficiency and thus reduces costs. At the same time, it increases convenience for staff and patients. In order to make the solution sustainable and future-proof, hospital operators need to consider important points during implementation.

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Personal health data is among the most sensitive information. The patient file must therefore be protected accordingly, and access to it must be restricted to a select group of people, consisting of the treating physicians and nursing staff. In the event of data protection violations, there is not only the threat of severe fines but also a loss of reputation for the hospital. At the same time, however, the information must be available quickly and easily in an emergency. The same applies to access to medicines or medical equipment, which also only belong in authorized hands. And access to sensitive areas such as operating rooms, neonatal or intensive care units must also be reliably restricted to the circle of authorized persons. On the other hand, it is important that the hospital premises are easily accessible not only to doctors, nursing staff, cleaners and administrative staff, but also to patients and visitors. Reconciling all these requirements can be an enormous challenge for hospital operators.

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