Secure Print Management
for the Flexible Post-Pandemic Office Fewer printers serving more distributed users require authentication and cost allocation

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged a lot of assumptions about office work—and the workplace may never be the same.  One thing that hasn’t changed? The need for secure pull printing at shared multi-function printers.

Read the article of John Villegas in the Cannata Report and learn more about Trends Shaping Print Management.

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Many businesses are evolving towards models that allow people with traditional “desk jobs” to work from home at least part of the time. That may mean working from home two set days a week or working from home most days and coming into the office on an as-needed basis. With fewer people in the office, some businesses are finding they can scale back on office space and equipment through “hot desking” and flexible communal spaces for drop-in employees. With more people working and printing from home, fewer shared MFPs are needed in the office.

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