TWN4 MultiTech Nano M

The TWN4 MultiTech Nano M RFID modules are also fully TWN technology compliant RFID readers. Their miniature size and low energy consumption allows for integration in smaller battery-powered consumer devices like tablet PCs, POS terminals, mobile payment systems, etc.

Furthermore, their components are mounted to only one side, which facilitates an easy placement on the main circuit board. In order to test the functionality of all supported interfaces (e.g. OMRON, RS485/422 etc.) and to develop custom reader applications, we also offer a development board as well as an I/O extender for the TWN4 MultiTech Nano modules.

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Extremely compact board

Ideal for all mobile and battery-operated applications

One-piece solution for easy OEM board integration

Product Features

Product Features

Supports TWN MultiTech underlying technology

Compliance to EMV contactless protocol specification

Support of wireless (re)configuration

With the components mounted to one side, it facilitates easy placement on the main circuit board

Size 31 x 17.8 x 2.7 mm

Development board and I/0 Extender for interface testing on request

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ELATEC MultiTech Nano Module (RFID, BLE)
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