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TWN4 MultiTech SmartCard LEGIC 42 / TWN4 MultiTech SmartCard LEGIC M

It allows users to read and write almost any 125 kHz/134.2 kHz and 13.56 MHz transponder.

Elatec’s TWN4 MultiTech SmartCard reader/writer supports all major technologies from various suppliers like ATMEL, EM, ST, NXP, TI, HID, LEGIC, and ISO standards like ISO14443A/B (T=CL), ISO15692 and ISO18092/ECMA-340 (NFC).

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Your advantages at a glance

Dual use: contact and contactless environments

Allows enhanced security

60+ RFID Technologies supported: LF, HF, NFC and smart cards

Available as PCB or housed device

Product Features

Product Features

LEGIC chip for reading LEGIC RFID standards

Supports TWN MultiTech underlying technology

Includes a SmartCard interface to switch between contact (ISO7816) and contactless authentication

Wireless (re)programmable

PKCS# 1-15

USB, RS232, TTL serial (logical level 3.3 V,CMOS 5 V tolerant), I²C, SPI, Clock/Data, Wiegand, CAN, 1-Wire


2 onboard SAM sockets (Secure Access Modules)

About the SmartCard reader

TWN4 MultiTech SmartCardAbout the SmartCard reader

Elatec’s TWN4 MultiTech SmartCard reader/writer includes both a contactless RFID interface as well as an integrated contact card slot. This unique combination is designed for easy integration into various applications with an additional layer of security for highly sensitive information. The reader can also be programmed with a script language for autonomous execution of even complex commands like login procedures, increment/decrement functions and many more.

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