Focus on BLE Practical Knowledge About the Key Technology for Innovative IoT Applications

Find out what is behind Bluetooth® Low Energy for user authentication and access control, why BLE has proven itself in practice and how your company can benefit from it.

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Basic knowledge for smartphone solutions.

The boom in BLE-enabled smart devices opens up numerous new possibilities in B2B. Are you also considering introducing innovative and user-friendly solutions for user authentication and access control? Then you should get to know the technical basics of wireless technology and the different ways of using it. Be inspired by the practical examples in the white paper and see what options are available for implementation.

The use of a BLE application results in even more added value compared to the RFID card solution - for providers and users. The main advantages are convenient implementation and very easy handling. In addition, you can stand out positively from your competitors.

The power-saving version of Bluetooth® radio technology offers convincing advantages in terms of range, data transmission rate and data security. Read what this means in practice and how your company can benefit from it for user authentication, entry and access control as well as all upcoming IoT applications.

In the office environment, you can already use the smartphone as a universal identification medium. It can also be used in car sharing to open and close vehicles and at the airport as a boarding pass. Museums and event locations use the smartphone for their access management, and in hotels, check-in and billing of services is handled via the mobile device.

Find out how you can benefit from BLE in your business area. The overview in the white paper will help you make the right decision.

Learn the most important facts about the technology and the advantages in practical use in the white paper.

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