Elatec Celebrates 30-Year Company Anniversary

Elatec photo

eDriving Numerous Innovations in the Field of RFID Applications
Elatec has turned 30! The company, which is renowned for its RFID expertise and was founded in 1988, pursued initial growth as an electronic component distributor. Elatec began specializing in radio frequency identification (RFID) around 18 years ago. Over the course of the next few years, the company quickly transformed from a retailer to a developer and vendor of innovative RFID products. It now enjoys an international presence with 90 employees at 14 locations all over the world. Moreover, Elatec is one of the leading providers of RFID reader/writers; its innovations in this area have significantly influenced the technical development of the industry. Given the wide variety of standards in place, highly flexible multi-frequency and multi-standard solutions – Elatec’s hallmarks – allow many identification systems providers worldwide to save a significant amount of time and effort in terms of integration and development.

Elatec provides extremely reliable and versatile solutions featuring contact and contactless readers and modules for RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, and Smartcard. Thanks to Elatec’s help, customers – manufacturers of a wide range of products, from access control systems, to time-tracking and secure printing devices, to cash register systems and charging stations, through to fitness devices and vending machines – can implement secure, convenient identification solutions. What’s more, these manufacturers enjoy maximum flexibility in terms of implementation for end customers all over the world, thanks to support for over 60 RFID technologies commonly used internationally.

“We are an international organization specialized in professional technical consulting, and we provide innovative products made in Germany. As a result, we can guarantee high availability and quick modifications. We are proud to have earned the long-term trust of our customers and partners, and will continue to work with the same level of commitment that has distinguished us over the past 30 years,” says Stefan Haertel, CEO of Elatec GmbH.

Elatec brought its first proprietary RFID modules onto the market in 2003. These were initially only available on the 125 kHz bandwidth. In 2005, the company sold impressive volumes of RFID components for secure printing solutions used in multifunctional printers at large, international manufacturers. Easy-to-integrate and -configure multi-standard readers have been the company’s hallmark since 2009, when the TWN3 hit the market. The TWN4 was rolled out in 2012. Like its predecessor, this was also reader/writer module available as a PCB or in housing; however, it was even more versatile. Elatec conquered new markets during this time, and opened an American subsidiary in 2013. In 2015, the company won over customers from additional sectors – such as retail – alongside industrial applications, secure printing, and security systems. Starting in 2016, Elatec combined RFID and NFC with Bluetooth in a single design – the TWN4 MultiTech 3 BLE, one of the devices with this design, won the 2018 IT Innovation Prize from the Initiative Mittelstand, a German association of SMEs. The company has also further pursued internationalization: Elatec began operating a subsidiary in Shenzhen, China, in this year.