Elatec helps Xerox respond to and win RFPs

Xerox integrates Elatec RFID card readers under the cover to facilitate user authentication which greatly increases security and printer aesthetics when implementing solutions...

As large and multi-national organizations spread geographically across facilities, campuses, and regions, employee badge (RFID) authentication for pull printing has become more complex. As part of the due diligence in responding to a recent RFP from a large insurance payer, the Elatec TechTracer card analyzer was used to discover that the customer utilized nine different types of employee badges to enter their various facilities across the region. These badges also needed to be used to release printing from any authorized multifunction device (MFD) from any/all of these facilities.

In the past, multiple card readers would have been required to enable card based MFD authentication for this diverse population. The Xerox sales team working directly with the customer proposed integrated, “under the covers” Xerox card readers which take advantage of the Elatec single-part-number solution. This approach was ideal for the customer because Elatec RFID readers are configurable in the field and support the majority of card technologies on the market today, which virtually guarantees a successful installation. As an added bonus, security was improved with the Xerox/Elatec solution which safely protects the card reader and cable inside the Xerox machine.

After winning the deal, a Xerox sales representative stated that the keys to success were a combination of the appearance of the Xerox integrated card reader and the flexibility of the Elatec RFID technology. In addition, Elatec’s pre-sale and ongoing product support with their positive attitude was instrumental to the sale.

John Tepley, President of Elatec USA, Inc. added that the integrated RFID readers were integral to Xerox winning that specific RFP because they offered “RFID card authentication capability at the MFD with the appearance of a factory-installed solution.”

For further information on Elatec's multi-technology RFID reader used in this application please click here.