Elatec Presents the TWN4 USB Front Reader

TWN4 USB Front Reader

The TWN4 USB Front Reader is suited for applications in secure printing and authentication on computers, machines, or medicinal devices. Image source: Elatec

Multi-Standard RFID Reader for Efficient Upgrading
Munich, Germany – Elatec, the experts in RFID, are proud to present the new TWN4 USB Front Reader, another version of the company’s successful TWN4 MultiTech 3 BLE model. This new RFID reader can be plugged into any device using an easily accessible USB connection in order to quickly and easily set it up for an authentication solution. It is perfectly suited for applications in secure printing and authentication, as well as computers, industrial machines, or medical devices. The TWN4 USB Front Reader supports all of the common RFID standards in the frequency ranges 125 and 134.2 kHz as well as the 13.56 MHz band, doing this in the skilled tradition of Elatec RFID readers. Additionally, it can also support BLE and NFC and mobile solutions for iPhones and Android smartphones.

The TWN4 USB Front Reader can be mounted in any direction, thanks to a 90° swivel, double-sided USB plug. A powerful software development package provides all the tools needed to write apps running directly on the reader – for example, to use the complementary Bluetooth feature. The TWN4 USB Front Reader supports fast, centralized (re)configuration via the network or, alternatively, on the reader via radio interface with the TWN4 CONFIG Card. If a suitable customer infrastructure is used, the complete firmware can also be updated in the field. The communication between the card reader and the device it is plugged in to can be AES128-encrypted, if necessary. In the event that the USB interface is still needed elsewhere, the RFID reader has an optionally activatable USB interface on the front panel and can thus pass through the USB signals of externally connected devices.

“The TWN4 USB Front Reader places extremely low requirements on devices, providing integrators and users of , card authentication, as well as mobile solutions, with unprecedented flexibility, convenience, and cost-efficiency in implementing RFID, BLE, and NFC applications. The extremely quick mounting option offers clear added value for customers, allowing them to eliminate tedious on-site installation work and save on costs,” added Dr. Dominik Samson, Head of Business Development at Elatec GmbH.