Solutions from our Partners

Elatec develops and sells high sophisticated RFID Reader/Writers – we don’t offer solutions.
Here is a list of solutions from our partners with Elatec RFID technology inside.

Single Sign On / PC Log On Reader
        We support this authentication method based on third party software from partners

Motor Reader      
                                    RFID card reader with motor draw-in and withhold function

IP65 Reader    
                                        IP65 class TWN4 MultiTech Desktop Reader

Wall Mount Reader                                 Wallmount Multi Frequency Reader (125 kHz + 13.56 MHz) in aluminium housing

UP55 Reader    
                                      13.56 MHz flush sockets reader (e.g. Gira, Merten)

Handheld/Tablet with RFID                   Our partners offer different size and functionality

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