TCPConv 2: new firmware

Simultaneously configures hundreds of devices greatly reducing work effort.

Elatec announces release of firmware 1.3 for their network appliance (TCPConv 2). This release is the latest in a series of updates to add features and flexibility promoting the Elatec TCPConv 2 as the go-to-network converter for the print industry.

The key feature in this release is the addition of an API (REST) which facilitates TCPConv 2 discovery and enables remote configuration. In particular the addition of the API will enable document management solution partners to write code interfacing directly with TCPConv 2 devices. The second major benefit is the ability to simultaneously configure multiple TCPConv 2 devices saving extensive man hours.

A summary of the feature enhancements by adding APIs are listed below:

  • Device discovery for TCPConv 2 on the network
  • Remote configuration of TCPConv 2 settings for network, USB, RS232, logging, password, etc.
  • Enable TC2Config to retrieve, edit and save the configuration to a file which can be used later
  • Import a previously saved configuration file and export it to one or multiple TCPConv 2s simultaneously

 In order to get the AdminPack V1.3 for TCPConv 2 please click here.