New TWN4 Palon Compact Wall

TWN4 Palon Compact Wall is a versatile reader family for in-wall mounting into flush mount wall boxes. Its concept allows a flexible installation with a huge variety of standard electric switch design lines and frames with a 55 x 55 mm cut-out. The frontside of the device is IP54 protected.

More than 60 RFID technologies are supported. The integrated antennas provide excellent reading performance. TWN4 Palon Wall supports a broad range of interfaces, like RS-485, Wiegand, RS-232, USB and more. Even latest standardized protocols as OSDP V2 are supported. On top, with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) TWN4 Palon Wall is ready to support mobile identification scenarios.

The product concept allows flexible customization. Not only different 3rd party frames of the electric switch programs can be used, but also the inlay can be designed according to customer requirements easily. TWN4 Palon Wall inherits all advantages of the big Elatec TWN4 reader family. It is highly customizable and can be maintained remotely.