TWN4 Slim

Flat and compact RFID Reader/Writer supporting LF, HF, NFC and BLE

The new TWN4 Slim is ELATEC’s smallest compact and flat RFID reader – it’s smaller than an ID-1 card.

TWN4 Slim supports a huge range of LF and HF technologies (125 kHz and 13,56 MHz). With the support of NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy the reader supports mobile use cases for data communication and authentication. It can be operated as a standalone unit connected using a cable with a micro USB plug to PCs and other devices with USB interface.

TWN4 Slim is perfectly suited to embed it into machines and devices, and especially MFP printers with optional clip-on snap-in covers.

TWN4 SLIM Product Animation

Wafer-thin. Universal Multi Fit. Take a closer look at the benefits of this highly flexible RFID reader solution. The TWN4 Slim can be used for a wide range of authorization applications.


Provided Software

TWN4 DevPack 3.12

If not otherwise agreed, ELATEC delivers this product with firmware version 3.12.



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