TWN4 USB Front Reader LEGIC
Compact LF/HF/NFC RFID reader/writer for direct connection to printer
TWN4 USB Front Reader (360° View)

Take a closer look at the innovative TWN4 USB Front Reader, a powerful RFID reader with a rotatable USB interface for easy mounting in any position. This 360° view lets you see the device from all angles and demonstrates the rotation of the USB interface.

Introducing the TWN4 USB Front Reader (Overview)

The TWN4 USB Front Reader is an RFID reader with a twist! The unique rotatable USB interface can be connected to a USB port in any position, providing 360° of mounting opportunity. The TWN4 USB integrates RFID (125 kHz, 134.2 kHz and 13.56 MHz), NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities into a compact but powerful reader. Its reduced size and excellent read/write performance makes it the perfect reader for various applications including print solutions, healthcare applications, and single sign-on.


Provided Software

TWN4 DevPack 3.12

If not otherwise agreed, ELATEC delivers this product with firmware version 3.12.

Latest Software

Current TWN4 DevPack

This is the latest development pack for all our TWN4 products.

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