TWN4 P vs. PI option: Which one to choose?

ELATEC TWN4 readers are offered in three versions: standard and P or PI options. Each of the two options adds functionality to the standard readers.

P option

This option extends the range of supported LF transponders (125kHz) to include: Cotag, G-Prox6, HID DuoProx II, HID ISO Prox II, HID MicroProx, HID ProxKey III, HID Prox, HID Prox II, Indala, ioProx, Nexwatch

PI option

This option extends support for the HID iClass cards by enabling the TWN4 reader to access a locked portion in their memory. If the customer wishes to read the number printed on the HID iClass card, the TWN4 reader with a PI option is required. The printed number is part of the PAC (Physical Access Control) number stored in the memory of HID iClass cards. An additional chip known as the SE processor is essential for this functionality. This chip, when inserted into the SAM slots, allows reading of the PAC. In addition to this, if the customer has HID iClass SEOS cards, only the PI option readers can be used since the UID of the aforementioned card technology is random.

Note: The TWN4 standard and P option-enabled reader can read only the UID of the HID iClass cards, not the number printed on them.