ELATEC Readers Supporting LEAF Identity Credentials One Credential, Universal Identification

ELATEC has integrated LEAF technology into many of our products, providing an alternative to well-known platforms such as LEGIC or HID.

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Partnerships for the future

ELATEC is committed to enabling our customers to use whichever transponder technology and identity credential they choose. Hence, our universal readers read all major RFID transponder technologies used worldwide--more than 60. And as many organizations today are choosing LEAF, we can now read that too!

Below is a listing of ELATEC RFID readers that are currently LEAF enabled.  To learn about LEAF and how it can benefit you, click here:

A card is being presented to a LEAF-enabled reader

What is LEAF?

LEAF is a standard for RFID identity credentials, providing an alternative to well-known platforms such as LEGIC or HID. However, unlike those technologies, LEAF is an open platform that supports interoperability between physical and logical access control applications. That means end-users can use their LEAF ID card to unlock access via any LEAF-enabled reader. And because the LEAF standard is backward-compatible with suitable existing reader hardware, moving to LEAF is easy and cost-effective for system operators and manufacturers.

The LEAF Standard is managed by the LEAF Consortium, an ever-expanding group of industry partners, including ELATEC, representing hardware manufacturers, software developers and identity media manufacturers. The standard is based on MIFARE DESFire® EV2/EV3, which supports advanced security features within an open multi-application architecture. For added security, the end user can set a LEAF Custom Cryptographic (Cc) key so that only authorized devices loaded with the key can read the encrypted media.

LEAF-enabled RFID readers can be integrated into any application that non-LEAF readers can, including elevator panels, turnstiles, multifunction printers, computer workstations, vending machines, retail registers, EV charging stations and more. The open standard provides more flexibility and versatility for equipment manufacturers and owners, providing a future-proof solution that anyone can adopt without disrupting existing access control infrastructure.  

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