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Mobile is booming—and many of our customers want to set up a secure, smartphone-based access control system. Or, they may want to extend an existing security landscape with mobile solutions, increasingly available on smartphones. With ELATEC, you have the choice: you can rely on our Mobile Badge BLE NFC App or trust in the applications of our partners. Depending on your individual needs, you will find the optimal solution—as a standard version with all essential functionalities, or as a complex app including access and authorization management.

In any case, you’ll always have maximum security.

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Free of charge

Easy to install and implement – just install on your phone and it works. No activation needed

Customizable in your company design on request

About Mobile Badge
ELATEC Mobile Badge BLE NFC - Secure Printing

The ELATEC Mobile Badge BLE NFC app offers simple and effective components for building modern mobile systems or extending existing systems with mobile solutions.

Employing Bluetooth® BLE (Android and iOS) and NFC (Android) wireless communication, they deliver a unique number (ID) to ELATEC TWN4 products, which in turn transfer it to the backend infrastructure. System integrators can implement identification, authentication and authorization in their products by assigning the ID to users’ records in their directories. Deployment of hardware tokens or cards is thus made unnecessary. All the users need is their mobile phones and an ELATEC app.

The app is free of charge.



There are two types of credentials, managed and non-managed.
ELATEC offers both types — our own ELATEC non-managed credential and multiple third-party managed credentials.

Managed credentials usually have a fee, typically an annual fee per device/user. They also have an administrator with control over the application deployment and configuration.

ELATEC’s own non-managed credentials are free. The app provides each mobile phone installation with a unique ID that cannot be altered by the end-user or an administrator. All settings are handled on each mobile device individually.
The ID can then be added to the existing user management systems (e.g. via self-enrollment in a secure print application).

Product Features

Product Features

Works with any TWN4 BLE reader

Extends existing RFID solutions with virtual mobile cards

Provides pre-defined unique IDs

Automatic, hands-free authentication trigger

Perfect for mixed systems (e.g. print and access) featuring separate trigger adjustment per application type

Pictures & Videos

Pictures & Videos

ELATEC Mobile Badge BLE NFC - Android App
ELATEC Mobile Badge BLE NFC - iOS App
ELATEC - How it works (schematic)

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