Access control for office buildings and enterprises


Adapting to Modern Work: Secure Building Access

As the working world evolves into more digital and mobile realms, companies face the challenge of adapting their environments to meet these changes. In this era of New Work and Smart Office, maintaining user authentication and access control becomes crucial. Modern systems that handle building access are key to keeping up with global competition and ensuring smooth, secure operations, even with remote or distributed workforces.

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Embracing these changes, companies can enhance their workspaces to be more efficient and creative hubs. A sophisticated access control system allows for streamlined processes such as managing entry to buildings, secure logins to networks, and efficient use of shared resources like booking meeting rooms or charging company-owned e-bikes. Implementing robust user authentication and access control solutions not only boosts employee satisfaction but also drives productivity and security. These systems should seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, be adaptable to evolving needs, and be capable of embracing future technologies, all while being easy to manage across multiple global locations.

Universal readers that make everything possible

At the heart of an advanced building access control system are universal readers that simply make everything possible. This allows companies to use their existing employee RFID cards for user authentication and access control, but using the company cell phone, which is always at hand, is also a real option. Of course, the card and smartphone can also be used in parallel as an identification medium. You can make the decision individually for each application and person in the company—and simply change it if necessary.

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How can my company benefit from user authentication, access systems and access control?


Custom Access Control: Tailored for Every Business

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Every company, from medium-sized firms with production facilities to global corporations, requires tailored user authentication and access control solutions. In today's dynamic business environment, where Smart Office and New Work concepts are prevalent, the need for adaptable building access systems is paramount. Our approach is to provide a scalable, customizable system that grows with your business. Whether you want to start with just access control or immediately equip all your sites worldwide with a wide range of applications, our system can expand to meet the needs of your entire organization. Our universal readers enable the use of multiple types of transponders, such as ID cards or smartphones, ensuring seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. This adaptability allows for effortless incorporation of new technologies and credentials into your access controlsystem, providing maximum flexibility and efficiency for any business size or type.


Efficiency Through Advanced Access Solutions

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Secure and convenient user authentication and building access are pivotal for streamlining operations and enhancing company efficiency. By implementing these systems, your business can redirect resources to where they're most needed. Our comprehensive solution, tailored to your unique challenges, comprises not only advanced software and hardware but also expert consulting and unparalleled support. This complete package ensures that your organization receives the exact access control tools necessary for smooth and efficient processes.


Access control for enterprises in action

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