Unified Access for the Smart Office Empowering enterprise-level access

The Smart Office depends on reliable, secure user authentication and access control.

Learn how a unified access system improves security, worker convenience and operational efficiency for businesses and enables seamless access in multi-tenant commercial buildings.

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Universal access for smart buildings and officesConvenience, security and optimization through smart access solutions

The Smart Office requires new access solutions to improve security, worker convenience and operational efficiency. A unified access system that works across all applications provides benefits for employees, managers, IT and system integrators.

Access solutions for the Smart Office

Access control and authentication in a modern office or multi-tenant commercial building encompass a wide range of applications, including physical access control for elevators and secure areas, network and data access, time and attendance, and meeting room and workstation booking, to name a few. Not to mention access to company amenities such as the parking garage, cafeteria, EV charging ports, or gym.

This whitepaper explores the uses of access technology across the Smart Office and the benefits of a unified access control system for security, efficiency, sustainability, and worker convenience. It also discusses how companies or multi-tenant building managers can build a scalable, versatile access system that leverages the ID badge or smartphone apps already in use by employees or tenants, as well as the pros and cons of RFID badges vs. smartphones for user authentication.

Read the whitepaper to learn how companies and building managers can benefit from a unified access system for all physical and digital applications - and what factors to consider when implementing a universal solution.

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