You have expec­tations. And we will exceed them. More service isn’t possible.

Not only do we provide first-class hardware and software. Our customers also receive top service support and contact at all times: We are always there for you with the right support at the right time. Always looking ahead and always intent on optimization.

Because we want to give you good advice: for needs analysis and configuration, during implementation and while in operation. Worldwide. Fast. Uncomplicated.

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How ELATEC makes it fun

To ensure that you can enjoy your investment, we will take care of everything that you don't necessarily have to know or do in detail. And we’ll start before you have even decided on a product: by making sure that you get first-class advice for the optimal configuration. This proactive service accompanies you along the entire product lifecycle. We take care of security, sustainability, and performance – so your solution always remains the optimal solution. Promised.

Service - with no ifs and buts


Analysis and documentation of your requirements to select the best solution for your needs


Design a plan for implementation and rollout that will give you optimal support for achieving your goal


Integrate a customized RFID solution that fits into your existing software and hardware environment


Ongoing contact and support to get the most out of the installation, in the future as well.


Assistance and enabling for your support team so you can build your in-house expertise


Available from anywhere in the world by telephone, email and remote session. In the major three world time zones and in many languages. With a guaranteed fast response time

Your services at a glance

Pre-Sales Consulting

Pre-Sales ConsultingNeeds analysis and individual consulting for the configuration decision

You will receive documentation of our needs analysis, we will answer your questions and provide clear advice. We will also supply a feasibility study, the proof of concept and a project and rollout plan. So you can make your decisions with the utmost confidence.

Our services

  • Needs analysis & documentation
  • Advice on the optimal configuration
  • Feasibility studies/proof of concept
  • Project and rollout planning
Implementation & Development Support

Implementation & Development SupportSupport for implementation and development

We’ll take care of the hardware and software integration, application development, configuration, and all modifications. And naturally the testing and check of protocols. What’s essential: Everything has to be absolutely secure. And when we take care of it, it will be.

Our services

  • Integration of hardware and software
  • Application development (Win, Mac, iOS, Android)
  • Product configuration and customization
  • Hardware test and adjustment
  • Communication Protocols
  • Encryption and security solutions
Ongoing Service & Support

Ongoing Service & SupportContinuous support during operation

You won't need to worry about optimization, reconfiguration and updates or tracking. We will handle it, and often by remote access so it’s extremely uncomplicated. We are also happy to share our knowledge by offering courses and know-how. Plus SDK – our Software Development Kit. So everything keeps running.

Our services

  • Technical support
  • Performance optimization
  • Reconfiguration and upgrades
  • Remote management solutions
  • Training sessions and enabling activities
  • Self-service knowledge center
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)
ELATEC Certification Support

ELATEC Certification SupportLet us take on the challenge for you.

Need help with global certifications for your RFID-enabled product? When you integrate an RFID reader into your product, it becomes a “radio device”—and that means it needs to be certified in every region and country in which you intend to sell. But don’t worry: ELATEC Certification Support can do the heavy lifting and guide you through the entire process, from lab testing to submission and final certification. That way you can stay focused on your main goal: selling your products in your target markets. Since ELATEC readers are already certified for sale in up to 110 countries globally, you can be confident in a smooth certification process for your RFID-embedded product.

Our Services

  • Expert guidance and support for the entire certification process
  • Readers certified for sale in up to 110+ countries
  • An experienced partner focused on your success

Service squared: for our partners

As an OEM, integrator or systems software solution provider, you need to offer your customers service. That’s not always easy. ELATEC helps you set up and maintain seamless service processes. So your customers are satisfied. And you are satisfied. Because then we are satisfied.

I want to become a partner

Even more smart solutions User authentication and access control via NFC and BLE

If you prefer smartphone-based solutions: We are happy to provide you with user authentication and access control via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC). You will have our assurance of secure and sustainable solutions with them as well – not least because we work closely together with the relevant market partners.

Consulting & system design

App development

Service promises that we won’t breakYou have a reliable partner in us

Is yours a multinational company that intends to roll out its products worldwide? Or are you an agile startup hoping to test your idea on the market? We’ll go to work for you, delivering exactly the service you need along with first-class products. We will anticipate your needs and help when additional opportunities present themselves: With innovative solutions that match your business plans. With flexible and functional products that perform reliably. With service that leaves nothing to be desired.

A support team with experts with real-world experience – for straightforward help

Short response times for requests – so your business stays up and running

Fair and transparent pricing – with no surprises

Our Services for OEMs and Solution Providers

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), integrator or software solutions provider, you’ll receive exactly the support you need from us: So you can meet your customers’ expectations for service and support. That is our understanding of a partnership. And we stand by that.

Your alternatives: NFC and BLE solutions for authentication and access control

Would you like a smartphone-based solution for authentication and access control? Gladly: We are your experienced partner for the integration of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions. We have a network with relevant special providers that we can call on for your individual solution.

Consulting and System-Design

App Development

Credential Management

Managed Services Support

We quote...

Time-to-Market is getting more and more important for our customers.

The products of ELATEC help to reduce the Time-to-Market of our customers significantly as well as reducing design inrisk for the engineer as well.

Jürgen Schröder

Senior Product Manager NFC Infrastructure, NXP

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You have questions. We have answers.

Integrators wishing to sell products with embedded RFID in a global market need to look for a reader that is certified in the markets they plan to serve. Each region or country has its own certification requirements. Many RFID readers are only certified for sale in certain countries or regions. If this is the case, integrators will need to have readers from multiple manufacturers in inventory to support all of the countries that they serve.

ELATEC readers are certified for sale in 110 countries across the globe. ELATEC TWN4 readers meet ISO standards ISO14443A/B (T=CL), ISO15693, ISO18092 / ECMA-340 (NFC). These certifications provide maximum market potential for integrators.

When selecting an RFID reader, it is important to consider how convenient it will be to update or reconfigure the reader once installed. RFID readers may need to be updated after installation to add new transponder technologies, functionality or security features. The ability to quickly and easily reconfigure installed devices saves time and money and adds convenience for both integrators and their end customers.

For maximum convenience, look for an RFID reader that can be reconfigured without physically removing the reader from its housing or connecting it to another device. These methods are labor intensive and costly. A contactless update card is fast and convenient for many scenarios; the end-user simply has to pass the contactless card over the reader to install the update. If you have a large installed reader base with many remote devices, you will want to look for remote configuration capabilities. Remote updates can be sent over a network, so distributed RFID readers on the network can all be updated at once. This option cuts labor costs and provides maximum convenience for customers with widely distributed devices. Convenient update options are an important element of customer satisfaction with RFID-enabled devices.

ELATEC readers support easy, convenient post-installation reconfiguration via a contactless CONFIG card or remote updates over a network.

RFID is a simple and convenient technology for end-users, but it takes a lot of technical knowledge to optimize an RFID solution for a specific application. To get the most from their investment, integrators need support from the RFID manufacturer at all stages of the process, from needs analysis and planning to post-installation support.

When selecting an RFID partner, look for technical expertise as well as a commitment to ongoing service at all stages of the process. Make sure that the customer support people that you are working with have the subject matter expertise to answer your questions and provide the right solution.

At ELATEC, we provide ongoing support, so you are always connected. Our customer support team is staffed by full engineers, so you can get expert advice and answers every time you call. We are available from anywhere in the world by telephone, email and remote session, in the major three world time zones and in many languages.

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