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Whether in companies, residential buildings, hotels or hospitals: a large number of private and public buildings are now equipped with individual elevators or entire elevator groups. Building operators and original equipment manufacturers are thus faced with a number of challenges. On the one hand, they have to provide smooth operations and convenience for users by avoiding overcrowded elevators, queues and long travel times. On the other hand, building safety must be ensured and the use of the elevators as well as access to the individual floors must be reserved for authorized persons. If tenants such as companies, organizations or public authorities already use different card technologies for access control, it is also essential that the access control system for the elevators is compatible with all existing technologies. This makes the building attractive to tenants and increases its value.

Modern access control for elevators is ideally suited to meet these challenges. Users are conveniently identified via an ID card with RFID (radio frequency identification) or a smartphone with a mobile authorization card based on Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) or Near Field Communication (NFC). Universal reader devices make it possible to integrate different, existing transponder technologies in an uncomplicated manner and to make simple adjustments.

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Do you want to ensure that only authorized persons have access to the elevators and individual floors in the building? You want to shorten waiting and travel times for passengers and direct flows of people? Do you want to offer the different user groups and parties in the building the right authentication solution for their requirements? Then ELATEC is your optimal partner for access control.

How can I benefit from intelligent access control for my elevators?


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With user authentication and access control for elevators from ELATEC, security in your building reaches a new level. Access can be restricted individually for each user to predefined floors and times. You decide whether people are verified at a turnstile, in front of the elevator, or inside it. An authentication solution for elevators from ELATEC can also be easily and cost-effectively used in conjunction with the varied access control solutions of the tenants. And there's more: it can also be combined with a visitor sign-in procedure and a traffic management system to control people flows.

When implementing an access control system for elevators, benefit from a universal, unique solution package of product, software and service that works worldwide and gives you maximum flexibility. Together, we set everything up to meet your current needs. If changes are made, the solution can be easily adapted at any time. Either on your own or by our experts. Quickly, securely and often even remotely. This is particularly advantageous when numerous, widely scattered readers in large buildings or organizations require an update. This eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming opening of individual devices. Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer or a building operator, you are optimally prepared for all existing and future customer and user requirements.

Speaking of service: ELATEC is always there for you. With conscientious needs analysis and holistic consulting, so that you get the optimal solution for your requirements. With technical expertise in implementing the access solution in your individual system landscape. With lightning-fast, competent response when you have questions and need advice. And with a unique support portfolio during operation. Worldwide. That's a promise. So that things always look up for you.

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Benefit from a well-thought-out overall package.

Whether original equipment manufacturers, building operators and managers, or elevator users: ELATEC offers a customized solution that meets all requirements. Tenants and their employees benefit by being able to use the same card or mobile badge used for building access also for elevator access control and access to all required applications within the company—from secure printing to single sign-on. This simplifies implementation for building managers, IT departments and elevator users. The seamless and invisible integration of the reader into the elevator panel is extremely simple thanks to the slim design. And security wins too: RFID cards or smartphone credentials are more secure than traditional password or PIN solutions, more reliable than most biometric systems, and harder to forge than competing magnetic stripe or optical reading technologies. Moreover, if the work environment requires strong two-factor authentication, RFID can be used in conjunction with other authentication methods such as password systems. And a modern authentication solution is also convincing in terms of handling: all authorized persons can conveniently gain access to the elevator or the desired floor using their RFID cards such as hotel cards or employee IDs or the credential on their smartphone. The cumbersome entry of PINs can thus be completely eliminated. And the company's IT departments save time and money thanks to simple authorization management.

Which technology is best for my organization?

You are about to implement a uniform overall solution for the access control of your elevators and are wondering which technologies you should rely on? No problem! Universal readers from ELATEC are able to read RFID as well as BLE and NFC signals and thus offer maximum flexibility. This means that both different ID cards and smartphones can be used as identification media, even in parallel. You can make the decision individually for each user group, from visitors to tenants to service providers or even for each individual—and simply change it if necessary. Your needs. Your customized solution.             

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