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We work with the best. That means you benefit threefold: from us, from our partners, and from our extensive technological synergies. We are especially proud of the technology partners below and their supported products.


ELATEC is the partner company of HID Global. This means you can use our products with integrated HID technology. The Unique ID (UID) can be read by HID Prox and iClass cards. In addition to reading UID, Version P reading/writing devices can also read the physical access code (PAC) of the iClass transponders.

NXP Registered Partner


ELATEC maintains an official partnership with the cross-sector specialist NXP. MIFARE is the globally recognized transponder technology from NXP. Many of our products have been specifically adapted for MIFARE technology.


ELATEC has been an official LEGIC partner for many years. Our customers thereby have access to this technology – without having to be a LEGIC licensee themselves. For the first time, our RFID reading/writing devices combine 125-kHz-, 134,2-kHz- and 13,56-MHz technologies in one unit. Based on SM-4500M chips, this provides full Advant and MIFARE interoperability in addition to the cash and initialization function. This makes it easier for solution providers to migrate existing RFID systems, since they don’t need to rely on a defined transponder technology. Old and new technology can be used at the same time in identification or authorization applications. The TWN4 MultiTech LEGIC 45 is also available as a core module with an external antenna.


ELATEC has integrated LEAF technology into many of our products. LEAF is a new standard for identity credentials adopted by an association of partner entities, providing an alternative to well-known platforms such as LEGIC or HID. Unlike these technologies, LEAF is an open platform created to support interoperability within the physical and logical access control markets. That means end-users can use their LEAF ID card to unlock access via any LEAF-enabled reader. And because the LEAF standard is backward-compatible with suitable existing reader hardware, moving to LEAF is easy and cost-effective for system operators and manufacturers.

Panels and committees we are involved in

In order to help shape developments in the market, we are active in relevant committees and panels. This allows us to remain at the forefront of new trends and innovations.


It goes without saying that we are actively shaping the future of Near Field Communication, NFC. This global standard enables data transmission between smartphones and RFID readers. We work with the NFC Forum to make this established standard even better.  

Security Industry Association (SIA)

At SIA, we are involved in promoting the growth of the global security industry. SIA aims to establish itself as the primary source for the global security industry. We are working on that – and for you, too.

Calypso Networks Association

ELATEC has integrated the Calypso technology from the Calypso Networks Association, so you can benefit from this contactless chip card technology that has been successfully adapted for use in public transport over the last ten years.

OSPT Alliance

ELATEC is a member of the OSPT (Open Standard for Public Transportation) Alliance. ELATEC's multi-frequency RFID readers support OSPT's open standard, CIPURSE, providing maximum flexibility for interoperable mobility solutions in public transportation. Learn how we’re supporting rider authentication and ticketing. 

Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility (AIM)

ELATEC is involved in the leading global industry association AIM, because automatic identification and data collection are extremely relevant for us and for you. In AIM, we promote industry networking and knowledge transfer and actively shape the development of new technology solutions.

German Institute for Standardization (DIN)

ELATEC participates in the development of international standards for RFID technologies through our membership in the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). Our participation helps us to better meet the needs of our customers and partners. In addition, we can react to emerging requirements at the earliest stages to “future-proof” our products for our users.

FiRa Consortium

With our membership in the FiRa Consortium, we guarantee constant involvement with innovative technologies. These are essential for ELATEC so that we can continue to offer our customers future-proof solutions.

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