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Mobile Access

Maximum flexibility for iOS and Android devices

Anyone who maintains a mobile access system knows that secure credentials are indispensable. ELATEC offers you both components for this area for the first time: the reader and the badge. Our mobile solutions are now available for BLE on iOS and Android mobile devices and for NFC on the Android platform, as our own app solution or as a service from our partners.

Either way: as a customer, you can count on safety and security here.
With maximum flexibility for your company, and for your customers.

Which credential
is right for you?

Successful authentication

ELATEC supports the global mobile workforce with a family of multi-frequency contactless readers that incorporate NFC and BLE for authentication and access control using industry-leading mobile credentials.

ELATEC’s mobile credential and access solutions merge security with convenience by storing secure identities on smartphones for unlocking doors, releasing print jobs, signing onto a computer network, dispensing product and more. These powerful solutions enable iOS and Android phones to communicate with readers. ELATEC mobile access and credential solutions leverage standard device technologies and are universally accessible, easy to deploy and simple to manage.

ELATEC - How it works (schematic)

ELATEC proprietary solution

ELATEC-approved partner solutions

Our approved solution partners ensure our customers' seamless authentication with the mobile access credentials of their choice. All ELATEC TWN4 family readers are fully compatible with supporting both your existing RFID cards and new mobile credentials simultaneously.

ELATEC compatible solutions

ELATEC RFID readers are also capable of reading Transact and Yptokey and can be made compatible with LenelS2 BlueDiamond™ and Supra DirectKey™ mobile credentials.

This list is constantly being expanded. 


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