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Your benefits at a glance

We offer secure and flexible solutions for any type of authentication or authorization your business may need. Powerful RFID hardware and software and competent guidance. So you can optimally meet your specific challenges.


Compatible with more than 60 transponder technologies


Runs on LF and HF and with NFC and BLE


Certified in up to 110 countries*


Remotely configurable and updatable


Partnerships with specialized providers such as HID Global, LEGIC and NXP

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How you can benefit from RFID

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What our customers say

We felt it was the right time to acknowledge and formalize the strong working relationship we have with Elatec.
They provide Nymi with a fairly large selection of products in their catalogue that allows for tailoring the right solution for the customer's needs.

Andrew Foxcroft

Vice President, Nymi Inc.

The superb ELATEC support people were able to turn our firmware around in hours.

I’ve told the guys at my factory that I won’t even entertain other options anymore, because ELATEC does such a great job.

Sheldon Downey

President, Meeting Machines

With ELATEC there is a reliable Made-in-Germany player on the market.

ELATEC drives the exchange from insecure transponder technologies to secure solutions within only a swipe of a card.

Jonas Lenz

CEO, idVation GmbH


Do you have questions about RFID? We have answers.

When you use an RFID reader, it produces an alternating magnetic field at a frequency of 125 / 134.2 kHz (low frequency) or 13.56 MHz (high frequency). This field supplies energy to one or more transponders (media) located in its range. At the same time, data is exchanged between the reader and transponder through this field.

There are many potential uses for RFID technologies. Do you need technology-based personal identification for employee ID, personal ID, passport? Not a problem! RFID is also a reliable solution for the identification of animals, contactless payments, time and attendance recording and physical access control such as doors, turnstiles, lockers, ski lifts. Other potential applications include product identification, product protection (e.g., theft prevention), goods tracking, lifecycle management, Internet of Things (or IoT) applications, fleet management and car or bike sharing.

When you use RFID transponders, one of the benefits is they don’t need visual contact to be read or written. RFID gives you a comparatively wear-free technology. For instance, there are no contacts that deteriorate, either in the reader or the transponder. This eliminates scanning problems that can occur with contact-based credit cards or magnetic stripe (magstripe) cards. Unlike printed barcodes, you can also write information to many RFID tags. RFID is also capable of withstanding environmental conditions like wind, weather, UV radiation, soiling and chemicals. RFID provides a scalable degree of security (e.g., from simple read-only tags to high-security transponders tested by EAL/common criteria).


* for TWN4 MultiTech 2 BLE programmability


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