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Navigating Data Security in Modern Work: The Role of SSO Login

In both corporate settings and call centers, as well as at universities and within the healthcare sector, the rise of digitization and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have revolutionized our work patterns. With the increasing trend of desk sharing and home offices, ensuring the security of crucial data becomes paramount. Ensuring the safety of valuable intellectual property and sensitive information is crucial; hence access to files and networks should be monitored strictly at every level. Utilizing equipment efficiently, adopting time-saving methods, and maintaining utmost transparency is essential. And, when it comes to user acceptance, a passwordless SSO (single sign-on) solution stands out.

Single Sign-on in use

To overcome digital security challenges, many organizations still rely on password solutions, but these can easily be shared or compromised. A more secure, user-friendly, and future-centric option is an automated login via Passwordless SSO. This approach synergizes login software with radio frequency identification (RFID) and cutting-edge smartphone integrations like Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) to streamline user authentication and access control. The beauty of it? Just a card or smartphone is the key to a secure and convenient single sign-on experience.

Passwordless SSO for maximum safety

Maximum safety is paramount in today's digital world. Countless employees grapple daily with the need to log in and out of diverse systems or across multiple devices, a process that is both time-consuming and stressful. The game-changer here is an automatic one-time login using RFID or smartphone credentials. Not only is it straightforward to implement, but it also delivers rapid and dependable results.

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Single sign-on solutions with RFID & Mobile Credentials

simple, secure login via RFID or mobile credentials is invaluable in complex settings. Essential for employees or students using various systems or devices. Readers easily attach to PCs — present your ID or smartphone, and you're in.

Enjoy a universal solution combining product, software, and service, offering global flexibility. Together, we customize to your needs. As situations change, the solution can adapt — on your own or with our experts. Swiftly, securely, often remotely.

ELATEC is your dedicated partner. We provide precise needs analysis and holistic consulting, ensuring the right fit. Our technical skill is evident during integration. Questions? We offer rapid, expert responses. Committed support, globally.

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ELATEC: Tailored Security in a Digital Age

Experience benefits from a comprehensive package with ELATEC. We provide tailored solutions to match your specific needs. Prioritizing security, our RFID cards and mobile credentials stand against forgery, duplication, and hacking better than traditional methods. Adjust additional security measures with ease through reader configuration. Modern user authentication simplifies the process: employees use their ID or company smartphone, bypassing multiple PINs or passwords. This boosts productivity, ensuring access to necessary systems and files. Plus, you maintain full visibility over user activity and system access, streamlining administrative tasks.

Tailoring Technology to Your Organization's Needs

As you gear up to deploy a streamlined solution, the choice of technology might be daunting. Fret not! ELATEC's universal readers support RFIDBLE, and NFC signals, ensuring unparalleled flexibility. Both cards and smartphones serve as identification tools, even concurrently. Customize your choice per application and individual, with the ease of adjusting as needed. Tailored to your unique requirements.

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