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Ideal conditions for patients and staff.

The demands on healthcare are high: patients expect optimal treatment, high safety and quality standards, smooth processes, and a pleasant environment that promotes rapid recovery. If clinics fail to meet these criteria, occupancy rates fall. Herein lies a challenge for the management of medical facilities. Their task is to create the best possible treatment environment. This includes an attractive, comfortable ambience for patients. Above all, however, doctors and medical staff need working conditions that relieve them in their daily work and ensure the quality of their care. They should invest all their energy in the people who entrust them with their health. After all, competent and satisfied staff are the foundation of a clinic and make it attractive not only for patients but also as an employer.  

Clinics should take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation to set themselves apart from the competition. A modern system that regulates user authentication and access enables simple, fast and transparent processes in everyday hospital life and creates security for patients and staff. Access to electronic patient files, medications and sensitive areas, the operation of medical equipment and much more are then reserved for authorized persons. In this way, hospital managers not only comply with legal requirements, but the increased efficiency also improves cost control. In addition, the flexibility and future viability of the system are important for the management of a hospital or rehabilitation facility. It should be compatible with existing solutions, allow adaptations to changing requirements and be able to process future technologies. In addition, the administration of authorizations must be as simple as possible to implement.

Patients also benefit from a uniform solution for user authentication and access, not only by receiving optimal care, but also by using the system's options for themselves personally. Paying in the cafeteria, taking the elevator automatically to the right floor, using entertainment programs—everything works quite conveniently.

Convincing all around.

At the heart of a modern access control system are universal readers that simply make everything possible. While hospital staff authenticate themselves with cards, for example, patients can conveniently use their smartphones. Of course, cards and cell phones can also be used in parallel as identification media. You can make the decision individually for each application and person in the clinic environment—and simply change it if necessary.

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How can my clinic benefit from user authentication and access systems?


One solution for all requirements.

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Whether acute care hospital or beauty clinic, operators are under continuous pressure to optimize. When it comes to facility performance as well as in terms of costs. This makes it all the more important to implement an overall solution for user authentication and access control that allows maximum flexibility and permits adjustments at any time. We support you with a customized, scalable system that can be designed entirely according to your needs. Start with just a few users or selected applications and add more at a later date. Or go big right away. Whether you want to start with just a single sign-on for the hospital network or immediately equip an entire hospital network with a wide range of applications, one thing always applies: Since the solution is based on universal readers, all types of transponders, such as cards or smartphones, can be used for any application. Do you already have various solutions in use? No problem: thanks to the universal devices, you can easily integrate them into the overall system.  


An investment that pays off.

A secure and convenient system for user authentication and access control has the potential to optimize healthcare. To ensure that you get the right solution for your individual challenges, we have put together a complete package for you: consisting of powerful software and hardware as well as competent consulting and unique support.


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