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Whether conference participants or hotel visitors: today's guests are demanding and expect first-class service throughout their stay. For the perfect customer experience, hospitality management therefore requires smooth processes and constant optimization of the offering. Check-in and check-out, access to the hotel room or trade fair grounds, ticket purchases or the use of lockers at sporting events—all this and much more should be unproblematic and convenient. And the issue of security also plays a decisive role: those responsible for hotels and events must ensure that visitor and event data can only be accessed by authorized persons and cannot be compromised. In addition, it must be ensured that all official regulations are met when events are held. And access to exhibition grounds or meeting rooms must also be regulated simply and securely to prevent incorrect set-up or even theft by unauthorized persons, and at the same time enable employees and service providers to work efficiently and securely.

A modern user authentication system can make an important contribution to overcoming all these challenges. This makes it possible to regulate access to events or hotel facilities in an uncomplicated and individual manner, thus increasing the security of non-public areas. Particularly at events with a large number of people, crowds can be effectively dispersed by, for example, defining time slots for entry. An access solution for elevators also helps to direct visitor flows, reduce waiting and travel times, and deny unauthorized persons access to certain floors. For guests, a modern authentication solution is also a real service plus. Using either a card or a smartphone or wearable, they can quickly and conveniently gain entry and access to all areas and service offerings they are authorized to use—and nothing they are not authorized for. In addition, a user authentication system provides valuable data on customer behavior: the best prerequisite for optimizing the offering, improving service, and differentiating from the competition.

An efficient access and entry control system in the hospitality and events industry enables employees to use their badges to ensure smooth and fast processes. This frees up personnel resources for looking after guests. In addition, the system must be compatible with existing solutions, allow adaptations to changing requirements and be able to handle future technologies. Finally, simple and time-saving administration of authorizations is required. And all this at different locations if needed.

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At the heart of a modern access control system are universal readers that simply make everything possible. This would enable hotel operators and event organizers to offer their customers a wide variety of identification media. For example, existing hotel cards based on radio frequency identification (RFID) can be used without any problems. Or you can look to the future and with mobile credentials in the form of smartphones or wearables that support Near-Field Communication (NFC) or Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE). Of course, all identification media from cards to smartphones can also be used in parallel. You can make the decision individually for each application, guest or employee—and simply change it if necessary.

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How does the hospitality industry benefit from reliable user authentication, access systems and access control?


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From closed events in hotels to trade fairs, sporting events or concerts: successful hospitality management is required everywhere to ensure secure and smooth operations. The requirements for a system for user authentication and access control are as varied as the spectrum of events. A hotel operator has to solve different challenges than a concert promoter. We support you with a customized, scalable system that can be flexibly designed according to your needs and allows adjustments at any time. Start with just a few users or selected applications. Or go big right awayfor example, by using access systems for elevators or kiosk systems for locker use in addition to access control. One thing always applies: since the solution is based on universal readers, all types of transponders such as cards or smartphones can be used for any application. Have you already implemented credentials for other applications? No problem: thanks to the universal devices, you can easily integrate them into the overall system. 


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A convenient and secure system for user authentication and access control not only provides the necessary security in the hospitality sector. It can also make the difference between satisfied and delighted guests. To ensure that you get the right solution for your individual challenges, we have put together a complete package for you: from powerful software and hardware to competent consulting and unique support.


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