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Cheaper, faster, more innovative: In our globalized world, customers' expectations of manufacturing companies in all industries are constantly growing. This presents factory operators with a whole range of challenges. They have to make their production as efficient as possible in order to offer quality products at competitive prices. This is resulting in a trend toward automation in manufacturing: machines, robots and flexible manufacturing systems are increasingly connected via the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Humans and machines are also working hand-in-hand today. In this environment, the protection of people, equipment and data is becoming more and more demanding - and the requirements of the legislator are accordingly becoming more extensive and more stringent. In addition, those responsible must find answers to further questions. How can sustainable production be achieved? How can skilled workers be recruited? And where can they be relieved of their workload so that their expertise can be deployed where it is needed - in product development, for example?

The digital transformation offers manufacturing companies the opportunity to strengthen their competitiveness. In an intelligent factory, a modern system for user authentication and access control based on radio frequency identification (RFID) can make a valuable contribution. The topic of security plays a central role here, in accordance with legal regulations. Whether machines or laboratories: By restricting access and entry exclusively to authorized employees, the risk of costly production errors or plant shutdowns due to operating errors or sabotage is minimized. Last but not least, personal and plant data can be reliably protected against manipulation or industrial espionage by means of user authentication. A modern system for user authentication also ensures security and transparency in a plant's fleet management: Forklifts or trucks can only be accessed with authorization, and it is always possible to track who has used a fleet vehicle and when.

The transparency offered by a user authentication system is a decisive benefit for factory operators: The information thus obtained, e.g., on the use of machines, rooms or vehicles, can be used to identify optimization potential in production. Processes can be designed more efficiently and sustainably. When introducing an access control system in production, other aspects also play a role for those responsible: It should be compatible with existing solutions, allow adaptations to changing requirements and also be able to process future technologies. In addition, the administration of authorizations must be as simple as possible to implement.

For employees, the uncomplicated user authentication and access control means a considerable gain in convenience. Kiosk applications, for example, make molds quickly available. And machine operators can access all the equipment and systems they are authorized to operate with a single logon. Simple and practical with the employee card. An important step on the way to higher employee satisfaction and improved competitiveness.

Putting all your eggs in one basket.

At the heart of a modern system for user authentication and access control are universal readers that simply make everything possible. This allows manufacturing companies to use their existing employee badges for machine authentication. The system can also be easily expanded to include applications such as access control and access to lockers or kiosks. And there's more: while the robust card is the trump card in harsh environments on the shop floor, smartphones can also be used as an identification medium in offices in parallel with the employee ID card. You can make the decision individually for each application and person in the company - and simply change it if necessary.

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A solution for every requirement.

No two manufacturing companies are the same. Factors such as product portfolio, manufacturing processes and machines, number of employees or the number of production sites make each operation unique. This makes it all the more important to implement an overall solution that allows maximum flexibility and permits adjustments at any time. We support you with a customized, scalable system that can be designed entirely according to your needs. So you can start with machine authentication and use the badge for other applications such as company fleet management. Or jump right in and take advantage of all the capabilities of a modern user authentication and access control solution for your entire operation - from a kiosk solution for manufacturing to an application for secure printing in the office. One thing is always true: because the solution is based on universal readers, all types of transponders such as cards or smartphones can be used. Have you introduced different technologies and credentials over the years? No problem: thanks to the universal devices, you can easily integrate them into the overall system.  


Benefit from a well thought-out overall package.

A secure and convenient system for user authentication as well as access control promotes smooth processes and makes your company efficient - and not only in manufacturing. This frees up valuable resources that your specialists can invest in the development of new products or customer projects, for example. To ensure that you get the right solution for your individual challenges, we have put together a complete package for you: Consisting of powerful software and hardware as well as competent consulting and unique support.


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