Unlock Efficiency with Industrial Access Control Solutions


Meeting Manufacturing Challenges with Access Control

In today's globalized landscape, manufacturing companies face rising customer expectations, driving the need for efficiency and innovation. This creates challenges for factory operators, who must optimize production for competitive, high-quality products. Automation, driven by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is on the rise, necessitating enhanced safety measures for people, equipment, and data. Additionally, questions arise around sustainability and skilled workforce recruitment.

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Digital transformation offers manufacturers a competitive edge. In smart factories, modern user authentication and access control systems, like RFID, play a pivotal role in enhancing security and compliance. Whether for machines or laboratories, restricting access to authorized personnel minimizes errors and protects data against tampering or espionage. It also ensures security and transparency in fleet management, allowing for precise tracking. This transparency empowers factory operators, revealing optimization opportunities in production. Processes can be streamlined and adapted to evolving technologies. Simplified authorization management is crucial. 

For employees, user-friendly authentication and access control enhance convenience. Kiosk applications and single sign-on streamline access, fostering employee satisfaction and competitiveness.

Enhancing Efficiency with Universal User Authentication

At the core of a modern system for user authentication and access control are universal readers that empower manufacturers. These readers enable manufacturing companies to leverage their existing employee badges for machine authentication. Moreover, this system easily adapts to include applications like access control, lockers, or kiosks. But there's more: while robust cards excel in demanding shop floor environments, smartphones can also serve as identification tools alongside employee ID cards. The choice is flexible for each application and employee, easily adjustable when needed.

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How can my organization benefit from reliable user authentication and access control?


Customized Solutions for Varied Manufacturing Demands

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In the diverse landscape of manufacturing, no two companies are alike. Unique factors like product portfolio, manufacturing processes, machinery, employee count, and production sites set each operation apart. It's crucial to implement a flexible solution that allows adjustments as needed. We offer a customized, scalable system designed to meet your specific requirements. You can begin with machine authentication and expand its use, such as for company fleet management. Alternatively, embrace the full potential of a modern user authentication and access control solution, from kiosk solutions in manufacturing to secure office printing. Our solution is built on universal readers, accommodating various transponders like cards and smartphones. Even if you've introduced different technologies and credentials over the years, our universal devices seamlessly integrate them into the system.


Efficiency and Security: Advantages of User Authentication

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A secure and convenient system for user authentication as well as access control promotes smooth processes and enhances efficiency across your company - not only in manufacturing. This liberates valuable resources that your specialists can allocate towards developing new products or customer projects, for instance. To ensure that you obtain the right solution for your specific challenges, we have curated a comprehensive package for you: Comprising robust software and hardware, complemented by expert consulting and exceptional support.


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