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Numerous organizations, including companies, educational institutions, fitness studios, and hotels, rely on physical access control to their premises, rooms, or especially sensitive areas—whether it's through the barrier in front of the company parking lot, a access control for doors, turnstiles in the foyer, access control for gates, or a solution in the elevator itself. Paramount is the security of sensitive business and personal data. But efficient processes—such as regulating visitor flow, ensuring maximum flexibility, and scalability—are crucial. Also, simple, individual adaptability to diverse user groups (like tenants, employees, and visitors) is vital—not just in dictating who's allowed where, but also in designating access times. Above all, convenience matters; only a user-friendly solution will gain user acceptance.

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Seamless Access Control with RFID, NFC, and BLE Technologies

An on-demand access control system utilizing radio frequency identification (RFID), and mobile innovations like near field communication (NFC) or Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) addresses these security challenges adeptly. Depending on the setup, an existing employee or member ID card or smartphone provides a secure, convenient, and efficient access control method. A simple card swipe or smartphone gesture close to the ELATEC reader grants the employee, customer, or guest access to designated buildings and areas they're authorized for.

Safety First: Optimal Physical Access Control Solutions

Safety is paramount. Be it in a hotel, airport, hospital, or university, unrestricted movement isn't desirable. Need to bolster security? We provide the best physical access control tailored for your setting, ensuring sensitive areas are safeguarded and visitor flows are managed effectively.

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Maximizing Safety with Flexible Physical Access Control

A flexible solution ensures top-tier safety. If you aim to dictate where various individuals or groups (employees, customers, or members) can go, an access control system leveraging RFID or smartphone credentials delivers advantages for all. You can confidently ensure only permitted individuals access buildings or specific sensitive areas. Plus, the system is user-friendly for employees, members, visitors, and guests, streamlining the authorization process. Additionally, this solution seamlessly meshes with existing setups, boasting adaptability and ease of use.

For your tailored access control application, reap the rewards of our comprehensive, one-of-a-kind package spanning product, software, and service with global applicability, ensuring unrivaled flexibility. Collaboratively, we tailor everything to your immediate needs. Should adjustments arise, the solution swiftly adapts—either independently or with our expert intervention, often remotely. This is crucial when multifarious, dispersed readers across expansive buildings or entities need updates, ensuring smooth, efficient updates from inception and into the future.

Dedicated Service by ELATEC

Speaking of service: ELATEC is always there for you. With conscientious needs analysis and holistic consulting, so that you get the optimal solution for your requirements. With technical expertise during implementation in your individual system landscape. With lightning-fast, competent response when you have questions and need advice. And with a unique support portfolio during operation. Worldwide. That's a promise.

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Physical Access Control System: Convenience and Security Combined

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With ELATEC's tailored physical access systems, your company reaps multiple benefits. By eliminating keys or PINs, you enhance convenience, offering swift entry for employees, customers, and guests. Our modern authentication solutions prioritize building security, allowing only authorized individuals to gain entry and safeguarding sensitive employee and company data from threats. Additionally, our solutions can be integrated seamlessly—from secure printing to single sign-on. Whether you're setting up a new office or utilizing an existing authentication solution, ELATEC's universal devices are designed to process all technologies. This not only saves on costs and administrative effort but also provides a contactless, hygienic solution—especially valuable in times of a pandemic.

Which technology is best for my organization?

You are about to implement a uniform overall solution for your access control and are wondering which technologies you should rely on? No problem! Universal readers from ELATEC are able to read RFID as well as BLE and NFC signals and thus offer maximum flexibility. This means that both cards and smartphones can be used as identification media, even in parallel. You can make the decision individually for each application and person—and simply change it if necessary. Your needs. Your customized solution.            

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